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Revision Path is an award-winning weekly interview podcast that focuses on showcasing some of the best Black graphic designers, web designers, and web developers from all over the world. On each episode, host Maurice Cherry explores the stories, processes, experiences, insights, and creative inspirations of these awesome creators.

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    195: Antoine Thomas

    The DMV area is brimming with Black design talent, and Antoine Thomas is no exception. As the founder of West 7th Design Studio, Antoine and his team create beautiful and functional designs for small businesses, government agencies, and more.

    We talked about his time at Howard University, and he gave a sneak peek into their design program, which is where he got the idea to to start his studio. He also shared his visions for engaging the next generation of Black designers, and told how he manages both his studio and his new apparel line PRNT while holding down a full-time job. Impressive! Learn more about Antoine in this week's interview!

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    194: Datrianna Meeks

    Datrianna Meeks has been on our radar since we first profiled her back in 2015 as part of 28 Days of the Web. Since then, she's been making some tremendous strides in her career, leading up to her current position as a senior product designer at Spotify.

    Our conversation started off with Datrianna walking us through a typical day at work, and we spoke about the NYC design and tech scene and about her inspiring design journey. She's also a podcast fanatic, so we also talked about #AmpedBrunch, an event she recently hosted for women of color in podcasting. Datrianna is really carving out a space for herself in this industry, so keep an eye out for her!

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    193: Lauren Dorman

    I've said before that our Slack community has some great people, and this week's guest is no exception to that. Meet Lauren Dorman: a software developer in Berlin with a background in design and a penchant for working on projects that deal with music and technology.

    We started off discussing her current work with A Color Bright, and she explained how she made the move from the United States to Germany, how the process went, and how the two countries' perspectives on work and culture differ. Lauren also explains a bit about the design and tech scene in Berlin, how she balances work with her side projects, and her experiences being a Black expat in tech. Hearing Lauren speak about what motivated her to make such a big move is really inspiring. (And it's got me glancing at my passport!)

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    192: Laci Jordan

    There's few designers out there that can match Laci Jordan's unique mix of talent, energy, and hustle. This Los Angeles-based creative director and multidisciplinary designer is killing the game with her work, and I'm honored to get a chance to share this conversation with you all.

    We started off looking at the design scene in LA, talked about design awards, her time growing up in Alabama, and how a short stint with the FBI fueled her passion for design. I truly feel like Laci is at a point where her career is about to skyrocket, and I'm so excited to talk with her. Enjoy!

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    191: Craig Wilkins

    This week's interview is with none other than the venerable Craig Wilkins. Craig is one of the country's leading scholars on African-Americans in architecture, and he's an academic, activist, and author. He can now add one more "A" to his long list of titles -- award winner!

    I spoke with Craig fresh off his National Design Awards win, and we talked about a number of things -- his love for Detroit, what made him get involved in architecture, where he sees design education in the future, why design organizations struggle with diversity, and more. It's a far-reaching conversation that I think you'll enjoy regardless of your design discipline. Enough from me play and enjoy the interview!

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    190: RJ Harrington

    RJ Harrington is partner and lead creative at Twenty and 3, a one-stop creative shop that builds engaging brands from the ground up.

    We talked about where the idea to start Twenty and 3 came from, how they approach client work, and what RJ thinks about the design community in Atlanta. She also shared a bit about her early career before breaking out on her own, and how taking that leap and paying it forward to others has helped keep her motivated for success. If you've been interested in starting your own agency, then this interview is definitely one that's worth a listen. Thanks RJ!

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    189: Toni Patterson

    It's May, and our first interview of the month is with the talented and dynamic Toni Patterson. Toni has been killing the design scene in Baltimore for years through her company Skye Media Group, and her success is a true testament to the power of community.

    We started off going into how Toni first got interested in design, then we talk about why branding is important for businesses, and about her latest project Skye Soiree. Whether you're a designer, an entrepreneur, or just someone who wants a peek behind the curtain of how designers work on projects, there's something in our conversation for you. Dig in and enjoy!

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    188: Brian Hollingsworth

    This week's episode is a bit of a walk down memory lane. Back in 2014, London-based designer Brian Hollingsworth was Revision Path's first international interview. Three years later, I'm checking back in on Brian to see what's new over on his side of the pond.

    We start off with a look at the London design scene for Black designers, then we go into the evolution of his current studio, Hollingsworth& and some of his other projects, including a design blog and being part of an art collective! Later on, we explore creative insecurity, and how that plays into Brian's artistic endeavors and entrepreneurial goals. I hope you enjoy this week's episode!

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    187: Tré Seals

    We're wrapping up our two-part series with a conversation with the extremely talented Tré Seals. His specialties lie in branding and illustration, but Tré is also a fantastic typographer.

    The interview starts off with Tré describing how he got interested in design, and talks about his time at Stevenson University (where he learned from one our former guests, Andrea Pippins). Tré also talks about his company, Vocal Type Co., and we get into a discussion on typography and fonts as he talks about the project he'd most love to do one day. You're definitely going to want to keep an eye out for Tré Seals!

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    186: Tynesha Foreman

    For the next two weeks, I'm looking at two talented young creatives in the DMV area. First up: animator Tynesha Foreman. When she described herself to me as someone "with a proclivity for the grotesque," I knew I had to look into her work and bring on the show!

    Our conversation began by going into some of her current work at The Atlantic, and she talked about how she approaches new projects and where her love for animation began. Tynesha also spoke a bit about diversity in animation, some of her inspirations and influences, and where she wants to be career-wise in the next few years. Tynesha has such a unique and powerful visual style, so I think we'll definitely see more from her for years to come!

    (Note: The audio quality is a little crunchy on this episode, but we cleaned it up as much as possible.)

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