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Revision Path is an award-winning design podcast that showcases the world's Black designers, developers, and digital creatives. On each episode, host Maurice Cherry explores the stories, processes, experiences, insights and inspirations of these awesome creators.

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    237: Shannon Boone

    When I was a kid growing up in rural Alabama, magazines were my gateway to the world. But these days, Internet and social media have become that gateway, so where does that leave magazines for kids? My search led me to Shannon Boone, creative director for Sesi Magazine, a quarterly print magazine dedicated to celebrating Black teen girls.

    We talked about how Shannon first got involved at Sesi, and from there we talked about how she helps put Sesi together, how she became interested in magazine design, and what inspired her to continue in design after a number of setbacks. I really love how Shannon's positive attitude and outlook on her career, and I think she brings that to every issue of Sesi as well!

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    236: Eddie Opara

    It's not an understatement to say that Eddie Opara is one of the most well-known multifaceted Black designers today. As a partner for Pentagram, his work spans a number of media -- web, print, packaging, UI, installations, name it. It's really a privilege and an honor to speak with him not just about what he's done and his creative process, but about him as a person as well.

    We spend some time talking about how he works with his team and with clients, and from there we go into Eddie's early life and career between London and NYC. We also included a few questions from our patrons, and Eddie gives some sage advice for the next generation of designers. It's a pretty wide-ranging interview, and I'm so glad Eddie was able to share his story and his thoughts with us!

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    235: Daniel Dickson

    If you saw this year's 28 Days of the Web, then this week's guest is probably already familiar to you! Meet Daniel Dickson, a creative director in NYC for the super popular music video service Vevo. Daniel works on the brand side of Vevo, where he manages his own design team and works closely with the music industry as well.

    Daniel and I talked about his beginnings here in Atlanta, and how he structured his career to lead him to New York and his current position. He also talked about the challenges of building a creative team, his former work at Nickelodeon and Tribeca Film Festival, and what motivates him the most. Thank you Daniel for being an inspiration!

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    234: Anthony Daniel II

    Do you ever think about how the software that pilots use is designed? If so, then this week's interview is for you! Meet Anthony Daniel II, a senior interaction designer who works in the aerospace field. Our conversation begin with a dive into the world of interaction design, and I even shared a bit about my brief time working for NASA!

    From there, we talked about whether UX is being taken seriously as a design discipline, and Anthony talked about his creative beginnings, along with some of his dream projects he wants to do in the next few years. According to Anthony, collaboration is essential for design success, and I couldn't agree more. Enjoy!

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    233: Hadiya Williams

    I met Hadiya Williams at last year's Black in Design Conference at Harvard University, and I have been a fan ever since then. Hadiya's background in art direction and design are on full display through Black Pepper Paperie Co., her design and maker’s studio that focuses on boutique event design and one-of-a-kind handmade clayware and printed works.

    We started off talking about the Washington DC design scene, and Hadiya walked me through a regular day for her while discussing why she started her studio. Hadiya also talked about her sources of inspiration, what she's excited about next, and talked about her dream project. Hadiya says that she designs like an artist, and I think that's definitely reflected in her amazing work!

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    232: Lorenzo Wilkins

    Lorenzo Wilkins is a multitalented creative who has worked extensively in his field for more than 40 years! Graphic design, photography, name it, and Lorenzo has probably had his hand in it. His most recent endeavor, a video series titled "ArtLife/LifeArt: An Insight into Creativity" talks to artists across the creative spectrum (including one of our past guests, Sela Lewis)!

    Lorenzo and I talk about life as a designer before the advent of the personal computer, his history of work across print, television, and video, and his advice for designers on maintaining a creative legacy. I hope that Lorenzo's story helps you with following your passion and fueling your creative self!

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    231: Five Years of Revision Path

    Five years. Over 230 podcast episodes. And if you include our blog, that's nearly 300 interviews with Black designers, developers, and creatives worldwide.

    This episode is a love letter for you, our loyal listeners. I answer your questions, give you a bit of a peek behind the curtain of Revision Path, talk about Revision Path's upcoming plans and goals, and share some updates and words of wisdom from some of our show's most popular guests.

    Here's to five years of Revision Path and the future of design! 🥂

    Special thanks to Andrea Pippins, Dian Holton, Husani Oakley, Tory Hargro, Douglas Davis, Laci Jordan, Leon Scott, Nakita M. Pope, Raquel Rodriguez, Michele Washington, Ron Bronson, and Sela Lewis for lending their voices for this episode!

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    Bonus Episode: The Design of Black Panther

    Marvel Studios' Black Panther is a bonafide box office smash, having amassed over $404M in ticket sales worldwide. After chatting with so many people about the movie, I knew I had to do something for the podcast...and here it is!

    In this special bonus episode, I sit down with Jordan Green, Regine Gilbert and Paul Anthony Webb and talk about the inspiration, design and music that helped bring the movie to life. By the way, this episode is filled with spoilers, so you've been warned! Wakanda forever!

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    230: Ronia Peguero

    Ronia Peguero really wants to help people take the leap into their own creative endeavors, and she's definitely leading by example! Aside from being the chief creative officer of her own company -- V+R Digital Branding Agency -- she also teaches courses in computer programming, music, and Spanish to students at Quincy College! Whew!

    Ronia and I talked about a number of topics in our conversation: design and the LGBT community, what she's learned from her time as an educator, the importance of self-care, and about the driving force that allows her to accomplish so much. Ronia's passion and enthusiasm really shows in everything she does, so make sure you listen to this episode and get inspired!

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    229: Danielle Beecham

    Danielle Beecham is a great example of someone who is inspired by the different ways you can use design for what you are passionate about in life. As a freelance UX designer in New York City, Danielle's focus is on design for social impact.

    We talked about her nontraditional path into design via journalism and international relations, her current MFA studies at Parsons, and how her work with nonprofits has been a benefit to her work in UX. Danielle is here to truly make her impact on the world, so you'll definitely see more of her in the future!

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