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Revision Path is an award-winning design podcast that showcases the world's Black designers, developers, and digital creatives. On each episode, host Maurice Cherry explores the stories, processes, experiences, insights and inspirations of these awesome creators.

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    212: Mattieau St. Cyr

    When it comes to his work, Mattieau St. Cyr's philosophy as a creator is to always stay open. The multi-talented Torontonian has his hands in a lot of projects and wields a number of skills. As a visual storyteller, Mattieau created Mannik Realm, a vehicle for all his creative projects which includes film, apparel, design, and more.

    We talked about the inspirations behind Mannik Realm, and Mattieau talked about how his time in Japan helped change him as a designer. He also shared the processes behind some of his work, as well as his influences and some of his goals for the rest of the year. According to Mattieau, anything is attainable, and I think Mannik Realm is a great example of creating the world where you want to live!

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    211: Mikhaile Solomon

    If you're ever down in Miami for Art Basel (or otherwise), then there's a good chance you've experienced Mikhaile Solomon's influence. As the director of Prizm Art Fair, she's helped curate and exhibit cultural activities from the African diaspora for the past five years.

    Listen as Mikhaile talks about how she began with Prizm Art Fair and shares what makes the Miami art and design scene so unique. We also talk about her recent travels throughout Africa, the beauty of Ghana, the controversy behind the Whitney Biennial, and more. I love that we can have these kinds of conversations here, and thanks to Mikhaile for helping bring this culture to the masses!

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    210: Derrick Rivers

    We're closing out HBCU Month this year on Revision Path by talking with award-winning creative director Derrick Rivers. With over fourteen years of experience, Derrick specializes in using strategy and business tactics along with design and art direction to reach customers across some of the world's most well-known brands.

    I caught up with Derrick fresh off his short stint in Chicago, and we talked about the difference between the two cities when it comes to creative community. We also touched on entrepreneurship, the difference between agency and client-side work, and the turning point in his career that set him on a path to success. I'm excited to see what Derrick is going to bring here to Atlanta in the future!

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    209: Frances Liddell

    We're back in the Bay Area this week, and we're talking to illustrator and senior UI/UX designer Frances Liddell! She comes from an illustrious legacy through Jackson State University, but as you'll hear in the interview, that doesn't mean that she hasn't had to work hard to obtain success.

    We talked about her "aha moment" as a designer, and we spent a lot of time dissecting and discussing HBCUs, "the pipeline", and the design community. Frances also shared her experiences in San Francisco, including going to design school there and transitioning into her current role. Shout out to Cornelius Toole in our Slack community for the introduction!

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    208: C. Spike Trotman

    If you're fan of indie comics, then you've no doubt heard of C. Spike Trotman. The cartoonist and best-selling author is the founder of Iron Circus Comics, Chicago's largest comic book publisher. Aside from this, Spike is a master when it comes to crowdfunding. To date, she's raised over $750,000 between 13 successful Kickstarter campaigns, and there's no signs of stopping. As a matter of fact, her 14th campaign begins today! It's a fact: if there's anyone who is making comics a better and more approachable place, it's her!

    Spike talked about her first foray into comics and how taking a nontraditional route ended up with the creation of some of her first successful works and setting a new standard for comics publishing today. We also spent some time talking about college time in the AUC (hey, it is HBCU Month!) Spike is blazing a trail and changing the game for comic creators everywhere!

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    207: Angelica McKinley

    We've had several folks from Slack here on Revision Path, and the latest one is digital designer Angelica McKinley! She has a wealth of experience in digital storytelling from working at The New York Times, and she's now making the switch from print to tech.

    We talked about her work at The New York Times, which went into a discussion on how Black creatives use tech as well as on the importance of HBCU pipelines. Angelica also shared what has her excited at the moment, and what she plans to accomplish for the rest of the year. 2017 has been a big year for Angelica, and I'm glad that she's one of hundreds of talented Black creatives out in the Bay Area!

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    206: Kim Goulbourne

    It's easy to see why Kim Goulbourne calls herself a "chronic creator". Whether she's helping first-time renters in NYC or helping others experience more of their city, this Webby award-winning maker is full of ideas with a focus on creating purpose-driven experiences with design and code.

    Kim talked me through her thought process for new project, and she shared some information about her latest venture. Her and I also spent some time talking shop about entrepreneurship, finding leads, her dream project, and some of her inspirations. Kim is definitely someone you'll want to watch, so make sure you follow her and see what gets "Bourn" next!

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    205: Duane Jones

    Duane Jones really breaks boundaries when it comes to design. While his main work is with information management, his passion for self-expression comes alive through his brand Art Pays Me. Duane is definitely one of the names you need to know in the Halifax design scene!

    We started off talking about how Duane's frustration with the design industry took him in an unexpected direction with his career, and he breaks down the differences between art and design, his philosophies on both subjects, and what motivates him today as a creator. Once you know your worth and are intentional about your goals, nothing can stop you -- and Duane is proof of that!

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    204: Hans Dorsinville

    Hans Dorsinville came across my radar when I saw AdWeek's Creative 100 for 2017. If his name doesn't sound familiar to you, then you've definitely seen his work. I'm talking Donna Karan, Lane Bryant...even Beyoncé. His creativity has been instrumental in some of the world's top luxury brands in fashion and beauty.

    Of course, we had to start off talking about his magnificent body of work! Hans talked about the business side of design and shared how he first got his start as a junior designer fresh out of Parsons School of Design. We also talked about the booming creative and fashion scene in the 90s, what he's learned over the years about making a name for yourself, and even have some great advice for designers who want to follow in his footsteps. Hans is all about showing the possibilities available in life, and I'm so glad to have such a talented visionary here on Revision Path. Enjoy!

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    203: Catt Small

    Catt Small has been one of our most requested guests over the past few years, so we're starting off August by bringing her back on the show!

    Our conversation began with her talking about her day to day work as a product designer at Etsy, and then she spoke about her projects: Good for PoC and the 2017 Game Devs of Color Expo through her game development company Brooklyn Gamery. Catt and I also discussed the state of the gaming community for people of color, the importance of funding (including the pitfalls of crowdfunding), and we chatted about her public speaking and what she wants to accomplish for the remainder of 2017. It's amazing to see how far Catt has come, and I bet we're going to see a lot more from her in the future!

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