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Revision Path is an award-winning design podcast that showcases the world's Black designers, developers, and digital creatives. On each episode, host Maurice Cherry explores the stories, processes, experiences, insights and inspirations of these awesome creators.

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    246: Sabella Flagg

    One of the brilliant things about design is that there's no one "right" way to enter the industry. Career paths aren't linear anymore, and no one demonstrates this more than Sabella Flagg. Her journey has a designer has literally taken her around the world, and now she's settled in Seattle as an interaction designer for digital agency Artefact.

    Sabella and I talked about what interaction design is, and she shared what prompted her move to Seattle after spending time teaching English in China. Sabella is also a fine artist and photographer, and talked about her dreams of having her own gallery exhibition, and her motivations for growing as a designer. Learn more about Sabella in this week's interview!

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    245: Michael Grant

    Design and journalism might seem like opposite fields, but technology has brought them closer together than ever before (especially over the past few years). How are journalists navigating this new landscape where news is now a designed experience? To gain some insight on this, I spoke with Michael Grant. He's the creative director for the San Francisco Business Times and is a current John S. Knight Journalism Fellow at Stanford University.

    Michael an I talked about his current research work, and he shared what he's learned from working with HBCUs and his day-to-day work at the San Francisco Business Times. Michael really wants to make an impact in the world of design and journalism, and I think he's well on his way of making that happen!

    Thanks to Regine Gilbert for the introduction!

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    244: Brandon Breaux

    Like several guests I've had on the show, I knew of Brandon Breaux's work before I even knew who he was! He may be known best as the artist behind the mixtape covers for Chance the Rapper, but Brandon's art spans much further than that. And no matter how far his art takes him, he always represents for Chicago.

    Actually, Chicago is where our conversation began! We talked about the local design scene and how he feels being a part of it as his profile has grown, and from there Brandon told me about his creative journey through a few schools before settling into the projects he does now. He also shared some of his artistic influences, and gave some insight on his creative strategy and why mental health awareness is such a huge factor in his work. There's no telling where Brandon's work will take him next, so keep an eye out for him!

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    243: Thomas Dang

    If there's anything I learned from talking with Thomas Dang, it's that he really puts a lot of effort into not just making sure his work is seen, but that it's felt as well. That can be a difficult thing for a graphic designer to do, but Thomas' unique mix of skills gives him a perspective many others don't have.

    Thomas is currently pursuing his MBA while freelancing, so we talked about how what he's studying factors into his life as a designer. From there, Thomas shared the early days of his career, gave his thoughts on the Cleveland design community, and he talked about his dream project of reaching out and teaching design to his local community. I appreciate Thomas for being so candid and open about his life, and thanks to Alex Binder for the introduction!

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    242: Tony Turner

    There's been some debate in the community recently about whether UX is considered a design discipline, so we've been talking to UX designers in lots of different fields to get a better look at just why UX is so important. And thanks to Alex Binder, that's how I met Tony Turner, a UX designer in Cleveland, Ohio.

    Tony started off with talking about how he first learned about UX, and how he's used his skills in both the insurance and technology industries. We also delve a bit into the topic of wearables for medical use, and he gives some great advice on how designers can challenge themselves by solving problems in fields outside of just visual design. You might look at UX a bit differently after this episode!

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    241: Ofo Obuobi

    For our first international interview of 2018, we're headed to the island country of Mauritius to talk with Ofo Obuobi. Ofo is the lead graphic designer at the African Leadership University, and she's traveled and worked in Ghana, France, and here in the U.S. as well. Mauritius is a melting pot of cultures, which is an excellent place for a designer like Ofo to thrive.

    We start off talking more about her work with ALU, and she shared how her intercontinental design journey led her to her current work. We also talked about the tendency for people to lump all of Africa into a monoculture, Black Panther, and she talks about what she wants to see more of from the design community. It's a really fascinating conversation, and I love it when we have perspectives like this from designers across the diaspora and around the world!

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    240: Jonathan Jackson

    "WeShouldDoItAll isn't just a name -- it's a way of life." And let me tell you, Jonathan Jackson was not kidding when he said that. As creative director and partner of the award-winning, Brooklyn-based studio, he and his team have done all kinds of work from websites to fashion to large scale exhibitions. And there's even more!

    Jonathan talked to me about his early days at Kent State University, and how his love for architecture planted the seed for what would become WSDIA. We also spent a good bit of time going over how he runs the studio, covering everything from dealing with clients to balancing incoming projects. Jonathan has a lot of great advice for everyone from studio owners to up and coming designers, so this is an interview where you'll definitely want to take notes!

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    239: Alex Binder

    You might not immediately think of a strong design community when someone mentions Cleveland, Ohio, but UX designer Alex Binder is well on his way to changing that perception. His work ethic and reputation are already helping him establish himself in the industry, including his current position with health tech company OnShift.

    Alex and I started off with a look into the Cleveland design community, and he talked about how his education at Cleveland State University gave him a solid look into how design isn't always about visuals. From there we touched on a number of other topics, including the increase in UX designers over the past several years, and Alex told me about his dream role and what he wants to accomplish for the remainder of the year.

    Keep an eye out for Alex Binder — he's making moves!

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    238: Renee Reid

    Research is such an important part of the design process, and no one can attest to that fact more than Renee Reid. As senior UX design researcher at LinkedIn, the process of search and discovery is crucial to her work in helping connect professionals worldwide.

    Renee walked me through a typical day working with project managers, designers, and other researchers, and we touched on the increasing popularity of UX roles in the design industry. She also shared some of the goals she has for the year, and talks about what fuels her drive for success. Major props to Renee for blazing a trail and showing the next generation of designers they're not alone in this field!

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    237: Shannon Boone

    When I was a kid growing up in rural Alabama, magazines were my gateway to the world. But these days, Internet and social media have become that gateway, so where does that leave magazines for kids? My search led me to Shannon Boone, creative director for Sesi Magazine, a quarterly print magazine dedicated to celebrating Black teen girls.

    We talked about how Shannon first got involved at Sesi, and from there we talked about how she helps put Sesi together, how she became interested in magazine design, and what inspired her to continue in design after a number of setbacks. I really love how Shannon's positive attitude and outlook on her career, and I think she brings that to every issue of Sesi as well!

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    236: Eddie Opara

    It's not an understatement to say that Eddie Opara is one of the most well-known multifaceted Black designers today. As a partner for Pentagram, his work spans a number of media -- web, print, packaging, UI, installations, name it. It's really a privilege and an honor to speak with him not just about what he's done and his creative process, but about him as a person as well.

    We spend some time talking about how he works with his team and with clients, and from there we go into Eddie's early life and career between London and NYC. We also included a few questions from our patrons, and Eddie gives some sage advice for the next generation of designers. It's a pretty wide-ranging interview, and I'm so glad Eddie was able to share his story and his thoughts with us!

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    235: Daniel Dickson

    If you saw this year's 28 Days of the Web, then this week's guest is probably already familiar to you! Meet Daniel Dickson, a creative director in NYC for the super popular music video service Vevo. Daniel works on the brand side of Vevo, where he manages his own design team and works closely with the music industry as well.

    Daniel and I talked about his beginnings here in Atlanta, and how he structured his career to lead him to New York and his current position. He also talked about the challenges of building a creative team, his former work at Nickelodeon and Tribeca Film Festival, and what motivates him the most. Thank you Daniel for being an inspiration!

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    234: Anthony Daniel II

    Do you ever think about how the software that pilots use is designed? If so, then this week's interview is for you! Meet Anthony Daniel II, a senior interaction designer who works in the aerospace field. Our conversation begin with a dive into the world of interaction design, and I even shared a bit about my brief time working for NASA!

    From there, we talked about whether UX is being taken seriously as a design discipline, and Anthony talked about his creative beginnings, along with some of his dream projects he wants to do in the next few years. According to Anthony, collaboration is essential for design success, and I couldn't agree more. Enjoy!

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    233: Hadiya Williams

    I met Hadiya Williams at last year's Black in Design Conference at Harvard University, and I have been a fan ever since then. Hadiya's background in art direction and design are on full display through Black Pepper Paperie Co., her design and maker’s studio that focuses on boutique event design and one-of-a-kind handmade clayware and printed works.

    We started off talking about the Washington DC design scene, and Hadiya walked me through a regular day for her while discussing why she started her studio. Hadiya also talked about her sources of inspiration, what she's excited about next, and talked about her dream project. Hadiya says that she designs like an artist, and I think that's definitely reflected in her amazing work!

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    232: Lorenzo Wilkins

    Lorenzo Wilkins is a multitalented creative who has worked extensively in his field for more than 40 years! Graphic design, photography, name it, and Lorenzo has probably had his hand in it. His most recent endeavor, a video series titled "ArtLife/LifeArt: An Insight into Creativity" talks to artists across the creative spectrum (including one of our past guests, Sela Lewis)!

    Lorenzo and I talk about life as a designer before the advent of the personal computer, his history of work across print, television, and video, and his advice for designers on maintaining a creative legacy. I hope that Lorenzo's story helps you with following your passion and fueling your creative self!

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    231: Five Years of Revision Path

    Five years. Over 230 podcast episodes. And if you include our blog, that's nearly 300 interviews with Black designers, developers, and creatives worldwide.

    This episode is a love letter for you, our loyal listeners. I answer your questions, give you a bit of a peek behind the curtain of Revision Path, talk about Revision Path's upcoming plans and goals, and share some updates and words of wisdom from some of our show's most popular guests.

    Here's to five years of Revision Path and the future of design! 🥂

    Special thanks to Andrea Pippins, Dian Holton, Husani Oakley, Tory Hargro, Douglas Davis, Laci Jordan, Leon Scott, Nakita M. Pope, Raquel Rodriguez, Michele Washington, Ron Bronson, and Sela Lewis for lending their voices for this episode!

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    Bonus Episode: The Design of Black Panther

    Marvel Studios' Black Panther is a bonafide box office smash, having amassed over $404M in ticket sales worldwide. After chatting with so many people about the movie, I knew I had to do something for the podcast...and here it is!

    In this special bonus episode, I sit down with Jordan Green, Regine Gilbert and Paul Anthony Webb and talk about the inspiration, design and music that helped bring the movie to life. By the way, this episode is filled with spoilers, so you've been warned! Wakanda forever!

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    230: Ronia Peguero

    Ronia Peguero really wants to help people take the leap into their own creative endeavors, and she's definitely leading by example! Aside from being the chief creative officer of her own company -- V+R Digital Branding Agency -- she also teaches courses in computer programming, music, and Spanish to students at Quincy College! Whew!

    Ronia and I talked about a number of topics in our conversation: design and the LGBT community, what she's learned from her time as an educator, the importance of self-care, and about the driving force that allows her to accomplish so much. Ronia's passion and enthusiasm really shows in everything she does, so make sure you listen to this episode and get inspired!

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    229: Danielle Beecham

    Danielle Beecham is a great example of someone who is inspired by the different ways you can use design for what you are passionate about in life. As a freelance UX designer in New York City, Danielle's focus is on design for social impact.

    We talked about her nontraditional path into design via journalism and international relations, her current MFA studies at Parsons, and how her work with nonprofits has been a benefit to her work in UX. Danielle is here to truly make her impact on the world, so you'll definitely see more of her in the future!

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    228: Ian Davis

    I'll never forget what Ian Davis told me when I first spoke with him: "I'm here to serve the creative community." As a results-oriented creative problem solver, Ian heads up the consulting firm Age of the Creative and helps creatives of all kinds with handling their business affairs and get more opportunities.

    Ian and I talked about his background working with some of the world's top ad agencies birthed the idea to start his own business, walked me through a typical day, and shared how the power of community has transformed his life. If you're a creative looking to take your presence to the next level, then Ian Davis is the man!

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    227: Rafael Smith

    Rafael Smith proves that being curious and being open to new experiences can take you pretty far in life. As the current design lead at, he uses his skills in product design and industrial design to improve the lives of people in poor and vulnerable communities worldwide.

    We talked about how Rafael almost became a horse trainer instead of a designer, and the one experience that set him on his current path. He also shared a really good piece of advice that has stayed with him over the years, spoke about his new focus on approaching design and bias, and also talked about the importance of carving out time to be creative. Thank you Rafael for sharing your knowledge with all of us!

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    226: Regine Gilbert

    Regine Gilbert is such a positive presence in our Slack community, so when we finally met at last year's Black in Design Conference, I knew I had to have her on the show. As a UX design consultant, Regine uses her skills of observation and exploration to help make the world a more accessible place.

    We talked about how Regine transitioned into UX from the world of fashion design, the advice that's stuck with her the most over the years, and she shared how more designers can become aware of using accessibility in their work. We definitely need more people like Regine in the design world, and I'm so glad that she's part of our community!

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    225: Jomo Tariku

    When Jomo Tariku reached out to me to tell me about his work, I knew I had to have him come on the podcast and tell his story. His furniture designs draw heavily from his Ethiopian background, and has been exhibited in Accra, Dubai, Lagos, Venice, New York, Montreal, and in other spaces around the world.

    Our conversation began with Jomo describing growing up in Ethiopia and how that led him into industrial design. He also talked about the importance of building a support network to ensure your work is sustainable, why he took a seven year break from his work, and he explained his signature piece, The Birth Chair II. Jomo really uses his heritage as a source of inspiration, and I'm excited to see what else he'll create in the future!

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    224: Audrey Bennett

    We've had design educators and researchers on Revision Path before, but never a design scholar! Audrey Bennett studies cross-cultural and trans-disciplinary communication that makes use of images that not only impact the way we think and behave, but that also permeate global culture. For the past 20 years, she has done her research at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute where she currently serves as associate professor of graphics for the Department of Communication and Media.

    Audrey and I talked about her journey to becoming a design scholar, and we discussed the notion of a Black design aesthetic, as well as how her work and the design industry has changed with the rapid adoption of technology. Audrey has done a ton of research in the field of graphic design, so if you're looking for a deep dive, make sure you check out the interview, read her papers, and learn more about her work!

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    223: Jermaine Bell

    I couldn't think of a better person to start 2018 with here on Revision Path than Jermaine Bell. The Baltimore-based visual designer, photographer, and social designer embodies what it means to work within a supportive creative community.

    Jermaine started off by talking about his childhood growing up in Baltimore, and we followed his design journey through high school and college. He also gave us the lowdown on the ups and downs of fellowships, his first foray into retail, and discussed what it means to him to "make it" as a designer. Keep an eye out for Jermaine -- he's doing big things!

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    222: John Jennings

    We're closing out 2017 by talking with the one and only John Jennings. As a storyteller, editor and artist, John's body of work spans several media: comics, graphic novels, books, and countless panels and talks. He's even the co-founder and organizer of two comics conventions! Currently he's a professor of media and cultural studies at UC Riverside, and he is exploring the connections between design, identity politics and popular media.

    John starts off by giving us a primer on afrofuturism and talks about some of his current projects, such as illustrating Kindred: A Graphic Novel Adaptation and finishing the art book Black Comix Returns. From there, we go into topics around art and design as indicators of culture, speculative design, and more. John is really helping advance the conversation around comics and culture, and I couldn't think of a better way to wrap up the year. 2018, here we come!

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    221: Danikqwa Rambert

    When you think of design and Rhode Island, what comes to mind? Well hopefully after this episode, you'll think of web and print designer Danikqwa Rambert! She may be new to the design industry, but she's quickly making a name for herself.

    I had to learn more, so Danikqwa talked with me about her time at Johnson and Wales University along with how important networking and internships have been to her career so far. She also shared her thoughts on what can be done to keep more women in the design industry, and we even geeked out a bit talking about tea. Danikqwa Rambert is definitely a rising star, so keep your eye on her!

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    220: Gail Anderson

    Gail Anderson is a titan in the design community. As an educator, designer, author, and creative director, her output of work has helped shape and propel the design community worldwide for the past 30 years. Her enthusiasm for design has not abated, and she's now helping teach the next generation of designers at SVA in New York City.

    Our conversation touched on some of her most prolific work, including stamps for the U.S. Postal Service and art direction for Rolling Stone magazine. We also talked about her time growing up in the Bronx, discussed how the design community has changed over the years, and she shared her secrets for collaborating that have kept her creating. If you're looking to get inspired, this interview is for you!

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    219: Jon Bell

    We're ending out MailChimp Month on Revision Path with a conversation with Jon Bell. Jon has worn many hats in his career -- design leader, product leader, entrepreneur -- and now he beings his experience to MailChimp as their newest design manager.

    Jon and I talked about his philosophy to design, as well as his vision for what he wants to accomplish in his new position. We also talked about how his background in politics helps his current work, the importance of mentors, and what the best things are that he owes his parents. I'm excited to see what Jon will help bring to MailChimp!

    Thank you MailChimp for being a sponsor and for allowing me to interview these great designers and developers!

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    218: Cyrus Henderson

    Cyrus Henderson may be new to MailChimp, but he's no stranger to the product design game, As a product designer on the ads team, he's also helped work on some of their latest campaigns.

    We talked a lot about learning and inspiration, and he shared some of his influences and gave advice for anyone wanting to get into product design. Cyrus is a great example of someone that's really taken advantage of both social media and the immense amount of design knowledge out there on the Internet to carve out his own place in the design community and make a name for himself. From here, the sky's the limit!

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    217: Raven Covington

    As a software engineer at MailChimp, Raven works in the background to help make sure all of the platform's features run smoothly. It sounds like a big job, but Raven's strong problem solving skills makes it look easy.

    Raven has followed quite a nontraditional path before coming to MailChimp, and we talked about how her previous work in politics and as a tech recruiter helped her discover a love for technology and coding. She also shared her advice for anyone who wants to follow in her footsteps, and mentioned what she hopes to accomplish for the rest of 2017. Raven proves that you can be a success in tech if you put your mind to it!

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    216: Eric Muntz

    Eric Muntz has been with MailChimp since 2010, and he has really seen it grow into the hugely popular email service provider and marketing automation platform it is today. He also has a lot of perspective on the tech industry as a whole as a long time consultant and software developer.

    We talked about how a Blackberry app got his foot in the door at MailChimp, and he shared what he does on a day-to-day basis as the company’s VP of development. We also talked about compromise and balance, and Eric spoke on one of the biggest mistakes he sees happening in the tech community. I really appreciate Eric’s thoughtful approach to the work he does at MailChimp, and how those values help make him a great leader. Enjoy!

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    215: Timothy Bardlavens

    Timothy Bardlavens has accomplished a lot since he started designing professionally five years ago. His design journey has taken him from coast to coast, and now he’s at Microsoft helping lead product innovation and UX while also heading up the culture team to foster greater inclusion throughout the company. And he is just getting started!

    We talked about how Microsoft has changed over the years, and he shared how he started with humble beginnings in South Carolina and worked his way up to one of the largest tech companies in the world. We also discussed the role of design organizations for designers of color, and we talked about Timothy’s Medium article on leaving AIGA. Timothy’s big goal is to impact the culture, and at the rate he’s going, he’s well on his way to making that happen!

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    214: Sibyl Edwards

    Sibyl Edwards is a true advocate for tech inclusion and women in technology. She's the chief creative inclusion officer for strategy agency Wetogethr, serves as president of DC Web Women, and is a co-founder of Black Female Founders, an organization and platform for Black women entrepreneurs. And that's not even everything she does!

    Sibyl talked to me about how she started out as a front-end web developer and the journey she went through to get to her current success. We also chatted about the ongoing conversations around diversity and inclusion in the tech and design industries, and she shared her latest venture -- wellness in tech. Make no mistake, y'all -- Sibyl is the real deal!

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    213: Omari Souza

    Diversity in design for Black people is an important issue, but a lot of its focus tends to go towards employment rather than education. Design researcher Omari Souza has approached the topic from a different angle, and his thesis reveals some startling insights.

    Omari shared how he first got into design and how his education at Cleveland Institute of Art and Kent State University inspired his push into design research. Omari is also a new full-time professor at La Roche College in Pittsburgh, so we talked about the importance of representation in design education and even about the design community's silence around political issues concerning Black Americans. We do cover a lot in this interview, and I'm glad we have design researchers like Omari to examine and document this kind of work!

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    212: Mattieau St. Cyr

    When it comes to his work, Mattieau St. Cyr's philosophy as a creator is to always stay open. The multi-talented Torontonian has his hands in a lot of projects and wields a number of skills. As a visual storyteller, Mattieau created Mannik Realm, a vehicle for all his creative projects which includes film, apparel, design, and more.

    We talked about the inspirations behind Mannik Realm, and Mattieau talked about how his time in Japan helped change him as a designer. He also shared the processes behind some of his work, as well as his influences and some of his goals for the rest of the year. According to Mattieau, anything is attainable, and I think Mannik Realm is a great example of creating the world where you want to live!

  37. Thumb 1502213551 artwork

    211: Mikhaile Solomon

    If you're ever down in Miami for Art Basel (or otherwise), then there's a good chance you've experienced Mikhaile Solomon's influence. As the director of Prizm Art Fair, she's helped curate and exhibit cultural activities from the African diaspora for the past five years.

    Listen as Mikhaile talks about how she began with Prizm Art Fair and shares what makes the Miami art and design scene so unique. We also talk about her recent travels throughout Africa, the beauty of Ghana, the controversy behind the Whitney Biennial, and more. I love that we can have these kinds of conversations here, and thanks to Mikhaile for helping bring this culture to the masses!

  38. Thumb 1502147668 artwork

    210: Derrick Rivers

    We're closing out HBCU Month this year on Revision Path by talking with award-winning creative director Derrick Rivers. With over fourteen years of experience, Derrick specializes in using strategy and business tactics along with design and art direction to reach customers across some of the world's most well-known brands.

    I caught up with Derrick fresh off his short stint in Chicago, and we talked about the difference between the two cities when it comes to creative community. We also touched on entrepreneurship, the difference between agency and client-side work, and the turning point in his career that set him on a path to success. I'm excited to see what Derrick is going to bring here to Atlanta in the future!

  39. Thumb 1502147622 artwork

    209: Frances Liddell

    We're back in the Bay Area this week, and we're talking to illustrator and senior UI/UX designer Frances Liddell! She comes from an illustrious legacy through Jackson State University, but as you'll hear in the interview, that doesn't mean that she hasn't had to work hard to obtain success.

    We talked about her "aha moment" as a designer, and we spent a lot of time dissecting and discussing HBCUs, "the pipeline", and the design community. Frances also shared her experiences in San Francisco, including going to design school there and transitioning into her current role. Shout out to Cornelius Toole in our Slack community for the introduction!

  40. Thumb 1501638330 artwork

    208: C. Spike Trotman

    If you're fan of indie comics, then you've no doubt heard of C. Spike Trotman. The cartoonist and best-selling author is the founder of Iron Circus Comics, Chicago's largest comic book publisher. Aside from this, Spike is a master when it comes to crowdfunding. To date, she's raised over $750,000 between 13 successful Kickstarter campaigns, and there's no signs of stopping. As a matter of fact, her 14th campaign begins today! It's a fact: if there's anyone who is making comics a better and more approachable place, it's her!

    Spike talked about her first foray into comics and how taking a nontraditional route ended up with the creation of some of her first successful works and setting a new standard for comics publishing today. We also spent some time talking about college time in the AUC (hey, it is HBCU Month!) Spike is blazing a trail and changing the game for comic creators everywhere!

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    207: Angelica McKinley

    We've had several folks from Slack here on Revision Path, and the latest one is digital designer Angelica McKinley! She has a wealth of experience in digital storytelling from working at The New York Times, and she's now making the switch from print to tech.

    We talked about her work at The New York Times, which went into a discussion on how Black creatives use tech as well as on the importance of HBCU pipelines. Angelica also shared what has her excited at the moment, and what she plans to accomplish for the rest of the year. 2017 has been a big year for Angelica, and I'm glad that she's one of hundreds of talented Black creatives out in the Bay Area!

  42. Thumb 1501676749 artwork

    206: Kim Goulbourne

    It's easy to see why Kim Goulbourne calls herself a "chronic creator". Whether she's helping first-time renters in NYC or helping others experience more of their city, this Webby award-winning maker is full of ideas with a focus on creating purpose-driven experiences with design and code.

    Kim talked me through her thought process for new project, and she shared some information about her latest venture. Her and I also spent some time talking shop about entrepreneurship, finding leads, her dream project, and some of her inspirations. Kim is definitely someone you'll want to watch, so make sure you follow her and see what gets "Bourn" next!

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    205: Duane Jones

    Duane Jones really breaks boundaries when it comes to design. While his main work is with information management, his passion for self-expression comes alive through his brand Art Pays Me. Duane is definitely one of the names you need to know in the Halifax design scene!

    We started off talking about how Duane's frustration with the design industry took him in an unexpected direction with his career, and he breaks down the differences between art and design, his philosophies on both subjects, and what motivates him today as a creator. Once you know your worth and are intentional about your goals, nothing can stop you -- and Duane is proof of that!

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    204: Hans Dorsinville

    Hans Dorsinville came across my radar when I saw AdWeek's Creative 100 for 2017. If his name doesn't sound familiar to you, then you've definitely seen his work. I'm talking Donna Karan, Lane Bryant...even Beyoncé. His creativity has been instrumental in some of the world's top luxury brands in fashion and beauty.

    Of course, we had to start off talking about his magnificent body of work! Hans talked about the business side of design and shared how he first got his start as a junior designer fresh out of Parsons School of Design. We also talked about the booming creative and fashion scene in the 90s, what he's learned over the years about making a name for yourself, and even have some great advice for designers who want to follow in his footsteps. Hans is all about showing the possibilities available in life, and I'm so glad to have such a talented visionary here on Revision Path. Enjoy!

  45. Thumb 1499259007 artwork

    203: Catt Small

    Catt Small has been one of our most requested guests over the past few years, so we're starting off August by bringing her back on the show!

    Our conversation began with her talking about her day to day work as a product designer at Etsy, and then she spoke about her projects: Good for PoC and the 2017 Game Devs of Color Expo through her game development company Brooklyn Gamery. Catt and I also discussed the state of the gaming community for people of color, the importance of funding (including the pitfalls of crowdfunding), and we chatted about her public speaking and what she wants to accomplish for the remainder of 2017. It's amazing to see how far Catt has come, and I bet we're going to see a lot more from her in the future!

  46. Thumb 1498062298 artwork

    202: Michael Hollander

    This week's guest is Michael Hollander, senior character animator at Telltale Games. You've no doubt seen his work through some of their best-selling titles, including Batman, The Walking Dead, and Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. (And if you were a kid in the 90s like I was, you'll probably recognize him from the unsung superhero action series V.R. Troopers!) Wait until you hear his story!

    Michael talked about how he got his big break into acting and modeling, and the shift that occurred which changed his career trajectory towards design and animation. Michael also has a lot of great advice for those of you looking to get into the entertainment industry, and we briefly touch on the issues of diversity and representation. It's really inspiring and amazing to hear how Michael has carved out a niche for himself, and I really think you'll learn a lot from his experiences. This interview is a great one!

  47. Thumb 1498062218 artwork

    201: Antonea Nabors

    I'm always excited to find out about great design talent all over the world, so I was really excited to find out about Antonea Nabors while randomly browsing the Web. What a discovery! For the past few years, Antonea has been working at some of the top design agencies in Australia. Currently, she's located in Brisbane and working as lead UI designer for Five Good Friends.

    During our conversation, Antonea talked about how she first got interested in design, shared how a contest entry ended up changing her life, and discussed some of the cultural and work differences between the United States and Australia. We also talked a little about aboriginal representation, diversity in the Australian design community, and a lot more. Thanks to Antonea for a great chat!

  48. Thumb 1500264900 artwork

    200: Sarah Huny Young

    For our 200th episode, we're bringing back one of our favorite guests -- Sarah Huny Young. Huny does it all -- she's a creative director, a multidisciplinary designer, and an overall creative titan. It was great to catch up with her and learn about what she's been doing since our 100th episode!

    We talked about her latest project, American Woman, and she shared how the project came to fruition and what its taught her since she started it a year ago. We also discussed funding for the creative arts, the importance of designers to brand themselves, the pros and cons of the Pittsburgh arts and design scene, and a lot more. Huny has so much wisdom to share, and it's always great to catch up with her. Who knows...maybe she'll come back for episode 300!

  49. Thumb 1497162614 artwork

    199: Gintel Gee

    There are more options for you to enter design than you think, and Gintel Gee embodies that fact. This self-taught designer has honed her skills over the years and produced work for a number of LA's top agencies.

    Now she's branching out on her own, so we talked about the freelance hustle, the type of work she likes to do, and what designers helped inspire her aesthetic. We also discuss the pros and cons of working for agencies, how cutting her teeth on message boards helped her discover her calling, and the one piece of life advice that's sustained her over the years. Keep an eye out for Gintel Gee!

    Next week -- episode 200!

  50. Thumb 1498062150 artwork

    198: Lisa Welchman

    As a digital creator, you may not even think much about the concept of digital governance. Don't worry though -- this week's guest, Lisa Welchman, literally wrote the book on digital governance!

    Our conversation begins with an overview on the topic, and Lisa describes how she got involved with digital governance. We also get into digital ethics, talk about how companies can apply digital governance to what they do, and a lot more. Lisa also discusses her recent vacation, the things that keeps her inspired and opens up on what she wants to do in the near future. Thank goodness we've got experts like Lisa to help decipher concepts like this that are important to our digital lives!

  51. Thumb 1497162538 artwork

    197: Ekpemi Anni

    We're closing out the month by skipping back across the pond to talk with the brilliant Ekpemi Anni! I love how she says anyone can be a designer and have a career in this industry.

    We start off by talking about what a UX consultant is, the type of work she does, and she answers the burning question of why UX is so popular now among up and coming designers.(The answer is simpler than you think!) Ekpemi also explains how her faith and her MBTI personality type both help her as a designer. Thanks to Ekpemi for a fascinating conversation!

  52. Thumb 1496489667 artwork

    196: Felicia Penza

    When Felicia Penza described herself to me as "a mother, artist, vocalist, and part-time Soul Train dancer", I knew I was in for a great interview! By day, Felicia is running the show as the jill-of-all-trades at the Phoenix Art Museum.

    We start off by talking about her work at the museum, and from there go into how she first became interested in design. Felicia describes how she has seen the industry change in the past 15 years, explains why she decided to pursue a degree in design after working as a professional designer for 10 years, and we geek out a bit on typography and magazine design. Felicia's vibrant personality and tireless spirit really come through in her work. Get inspired and "break your eye open" with this week's interview!

  53. Thumb 1496400127 artwork

    195: Antoine Thomas

    The DMV area is brimming with Black design talent, and Antoine Thomas is no exception. As the founder of West 7th Design Studio, Antoine and his team create beautiful and functional designs for small businesses, government agencies, and more.

    We talked about his time at Howard University, and he gave a sneak peek into their design program, which is where he got the idea to to start his studio. He also shared his visions for engaging the next generation of Black designers, and told how he manages both his studio and his new apparel line PRNT while holding down a full-time job. Impressive! Learn more about Antoine in this week's interview!

  54. Thumb 1495345375 artwork

    194: Datrianna Meeks

    Datrianna Meeks has been on our radar since we first profiled her back in 2015 as part of 28 Days of the Web. Since then, she's been making some tremendous strides in her career, leading up to her current position as a senior product designer at Spotify.

    Our conversation started off with Datrianna walking us through a typical day at work, and we spoke about the NYC design and tech scene and about her inspiring design journey. She's also a podcast fanatic, so we also talked about #AmpedBrunch, an event she recently hosted for women of color in podcasting. Datrianna is really carving out a space for herself in this industry, so keep an eye out for her!

  55. Thumb 1494500757 artwork

    193: Lauren Dorman

    I've said before that our Slack community has some great people, and this week's guest is no exception to that. Meet Lauren Dorman: a software developer in Berlin with a background in design and a penchant for working on projects that deal with music and technology.

    We started off discussing her current work with A Color Bright, and she explained how she made the move from the United States to Germany, how the process went, and how the two countries' perspectives on work and culture differ. Lauren also explains a bit about the design and tech scene in Berlin, how she balances work with her side projects, and her experiences being a Black expat in tech. Hearing Lauren speak about what motivated her to make such a big move is really inspiring. (And it's got me glancing at my passport!)

  56. Thumb 1491932446 artwork

    192: Laci Jordan

    There's few designers out there that can match Laci Jordan's unique mix of talent, energy, and hustle. This Los Angeles-based creative director and multidisciplinary designer is killing the game with her work, and I'm honored to get a chance to share this conversation with you all.

    We started off looking at the design scene in LA, talked about design awards, her time growing up in Alabama, and how a short stint with the FBI fueled her passion for design. I truly feel like Laci is at a point where her career is about to skyrocket, and I'm so excited to talk with her. Enjoy!

  57. Thumb 1491932370 artwork

    191: Craig Wilkins

    This week's interview is with none other than the venerable Craig Wilkins. Craig is one of the country's leading scholars on African-Americans in architecture, and he's an academic, activist, and author. He can now add one more "A" to his long list of titles -- award winner!

    I spoke with Craig fresh off his National Design Awards win, and we talked about a number of things -- his love for Detroit, what made him get involved in architecture, where he sees design education in the future, why design organizations struggle with diversity, and more. It's a far-reaching conversation that I think you'll enjoy regardless of your design discipline. Enough from me play and enjoy the interview!

  58. Thumb 1494263706 artwork

    190: RJ Harrington

    RJ Harrington is partner and lead creative at Twenty and 3, a one-stop creative shop that builds engaging brands from the ground up.

    We talked about where the idea to start Twenty and 3 came from, how they approach client work, and what RJ thinks about the design community in Atlanta. She also shared a bit about her early career before breaking out on her own, and how taking that leap and paying it forward to others has helped keep her motivated for success. If you've been interested in starting your own agency, then this interview is definitely one that's worth a listen. Thanks RJ!

  59. Thumb 1489087490 artwork

    189: Toni Patterson

    It's May, and our first interview of the month is with the talented and dynamic Toni Patterson. Toni has been killing the design scene in Baltimore for years through her company Skye Media Group, and her success is a true testament to the power of community.

    We started off going into how Toni first got interested in design, then we talk about why branding is important for businesses, and about her latest project Skye Soiree. Whether you're a designer, an entrepreneur, or just someone who wants a peek behind the curtain of how designers work on projects, there's something in our conversation for you. Dig in and enjoy!

  60. Thumb 1490980146 artwork

    188: Brian Hollingsworth

    This week's episode is a bit of a walk down memory lane. Back in 2014, London-based designer Brian Hollingsworth was Revision Path's first international interview. Three years later, I'm checking back in on Brian to see what's new over on his side of the pond.

    We start off with a look at the London design scene for Black designers, then we go into the evolution of his current studio, Hollingsworth& and some of his other projects, including a design blog and being part of an art collective! Later on, we explore creative insecurity, and how that plays into Brian's artistic endeavors and entrepreneurial goals. I hope you enjoy this week's episode!

  61. Thumb 1490980034 artwork

    187: Tré Seals

    We're wrapping up our two-part series with a conversation with the extremely talented Tré Seals. His specialties lie in branding and illustration, but Tré is also a fantastic typographer.

    The interview starts off with Tré describing how he got interested in design, and talks about his time at Stevenson University (where he learned from one our former guests, Andrea Pippins). Tré also talks about his company, Vocal Type Co., and we get into a discussion on typography and fonts as he talks about the project he'd most love to do one day. You're definitely going to want to keep an eye out for Tré Seals!

  62. Thumb 1489086641 artwork

    186: Tynesha Foreman

    For the next two weeks, I'm looking at two talented young creatives in the DMV area. First up: animator Tynesha Foreman. When she described herself to me as someone "with a proclivity for the grotesque," I knew I had to look into her work and bring on the show!

    Our conversation began by going into some of her current work at The Atlantic, and she talked about how she approaches new projects and where her love for animation began. Tynesha also spoke a bit about diversity in animation, some of her inspirations and influences, and where she wants to be career-wise in the next few years. Tynesha has such a unique and powerful visual style, so I think we'll definitely see more from her for years to come!

    (Note: The audio quality is a little crunchy on this episode, but we cleaned it up as much as possible.)

  63. Thumb 1489086454 artwork

    185: Janelle Allen

    If you've ever thought about having your own online course, then you'll definitely want to listen to this week's interview with Janelle Allen! She's a learning designer with a background in education, and her company Zen Courses helps people create online curricula using a process and system that's structured for success.

    Janelle starts off talking about how she got into learning design, and we take a look at the current environment of online learning and discuss the pros and cons. Janelle also shares where her passion for education comes from, and she goes a little bit into her passion for deejaying! Janelle can teach you the ABCs and then make you dance on the 1s and 2s! Dope! Get into this week's interview!

  64. Thumb 1488833053 artwork

    184: Alex Fefegha

    We're closing out March by talking with with London-based product designer and creative technologist Alex Fefegha. As the creative director of his own Alex's work has taken him all over the world, and he's currently creative director of Comuzi, an agency with clients like the BBC, the University of the Arts London and NHS England.

    Our talk is less of an interview and more of a conversation. We touch on a few entrepreneurial topics like starting a studio and finding clients, the state of diversity in design in London and the United Kingdom, and I ask Alex what he thinks prevents more Black designers from becoming recognized leaders in design. It's a little bit of a departure from the norm, but I'm glad that we were able to candidly discuss these topics. Thanks Alex!

  65. Thumb 1488832973 artwork

    183: Chikezie Ejiasi

    I've had my eye on Chikezie Ejiasi and his work since we profiled him for 28 Days of the Web back in 2015. Fast forward to now, and Chikezie is working as a senior interaction designer at Google on their new Daydream VR platform.

    We had a lot to talk about! He shared information about Daydream and why virtual reality is becoming so popular right now, his "anti-conference" stance, and how not following a traditional design path helped set him up for success today. It's a great conversation that I'm sure you're going to enjoy!

    (Thanks to one of our patrons, Nate Koechley, for the introduction!)

  66. Thumb 1487999327 artwork

    182: Melissa Smith

    It's been a minute since we've had someone at Google on the show, so I was really excited to have the chance to interview Melissa Smith, a user experience researcher at Google working primarily on the YouTube mobile and desktop products.

    We talked about how user experience research factors into her work, why it's an important part of the design process, and talk about how she shifted from studying engineering towards her current work. There's even a conversation about self-driving cars! It's great knowing women like Melissa are at the forefront of helping make better experiences for all of us online!

    (Thanks to one of our patrons, Nate Koechley, for the introduction!)

  67. Thumb 1487473453 artwork

    181: Ariem Anthony

    When you think about a designer who has built a body of work, think of Ariem Anthony. As a production design manager for Airbnb, he serves a critical role between the design and engineering departments. More than that, Ariem is a self-taught designer with over 25 years of experience to his name across print, web, multimedia, for companies such as Apple and Netflix.

    We start off by talking about the importance of production design, discussing Airbnb's open culture, exploring the advantages of being a self-taught designer, and going into what kept him motivated throughout the years as the design industry has grown and changed. Ariem's journey as a designer is proof that doing the work can take you farther than you ever imagined!

  68. Thumb 1486849873 artwork

    180: Four Years!

    It's Revision Path's fourth anniversary! We're celebrating the occasion by taking a look back at some of the memorable guests we've had over the years, including Jacinda Walker, Ced Funches, AIGA Medalist Emory Douglas, and more. Plus, we have a special guest near the end of the episode, so make sure you stick around for that.

    It has truly been an honor and a blessing to interview all the 200+ Black designers, developers, and creatives that have been on Revision Path. Thanks to all of you who have listened, downloaded, shared, pledged, and spread the word about Revision Path. There's more coming from Revision Path this year, so keep your eyes peeled for updates! (Gee, I wonder what we should do for our fifth anniversary?)

  69. Thumb 1484911750 artwork

    179: Natalie Nixon

    Our spotlight on Philadelphia continues this week with design strategist and hybrid thinker Natalie Nixon. Natalie has an impressive body of work ranging from fashion to anthropology, and her consulting and research lies at the intersection of creativity and strategy. Aside from her work as associate professor and founding director of the Strategic Design MBA program at Philadelphia University, Natalie is also the editor of "Strategic Design Thinking: Innovation in Products, Services, Experiences and Beyond".

    We touched on a lot of different topics: the importance of strategic design, her experience as a Black woman at the Ph.D. level of design, embracing failure, and much, much more. It's an honor to speak with someone at this caliber of design, and I think you'll learn a lot from her words and from her work. Class is in session!

  70. Thumb 1483592750 artwork

    178: Ron Tinsley

    Philadelphia's own Ron Tinsley is no stranger to the world of design. As the founder of Prophetik Soul Branding + Design, Ron uses his decades of consulting and design experience for "do-gooders, dreamers and optimists". I think that's something we could all use more of, don't you think?

    Ron talked about how a twist of fate prompted him to start his design studio, and he walked me through how he tackles projects and his personal design style. We also discussed design organizations, world travel, what he loves about Philly, and whether or not his kids want to follow in his footsteps. Get ready for a really thoughtful and inspiring conversation!

  71. Thumb 1483592671 artwork

    177: Jessica Bellamy

    We're starting off February this year by talking with entrepreneur and visual storyteller Jessica Bellamy. She specializes in creating eye-catching information graphics that are easy to understand and share, which is definitely needed in this current climate of "fake news".

    Jessica talked about her exhibit titled The Black Woman Project, the progressive design scene in Louisville, Kentucky, and how she started her grassroots design studio GRIDS, which is currently working on a project about bringing awareness to the incarceration system. If you're trying to find someone that cares about her community and helps give back by using design, then look no further! Thank you for all you do Jessica!

  72. Thumb 1483590291 artwork

    176: Djuvane Browne

    We're back in the Caribbean this week and talking with Djuvane Browne, UI designer and owner of One Great Studio in Kingston, Jamaica. If you're a freelancer and looking to level up in 2017, then you will want to hear what Djuvane has to say!

    Djuvane gives me a quick rundown on an average day at his studio, and shares the one secret that transformed his business to where it is today. We also talk about the design scene in Kingston, the notion of a "Caribbean aesthetic", and what he would be doing if he didn't become a designer. Djuvane says that you'll never know what will work until you try, so hopefully his words will inspire you to do bigger things!

  73. Thumb 1483590207 artwork

    175: Chad Brown

    I'm so glad I had the opportunity to speak with Chad Brown. Aside from his own studio, Chado Creative, he also owns the nonprofit organization Soul River Inc. and has his own apparel line! On top of all of this, Chad's an adventurer at heart.

    We start off talking about how he got started in design, what it means to him to be a designer today, and then Chad shared his backstory of being in the military and how those experiences shaped him and helped him to where he is today. I really want you to listen to what Chad says when he talks about inspiration, because it really gets to the heart of what I think all designers struggle to overcome. Thanks to Chad for opening up and sharing his story, and thanks to Douglas Davis for the introduction!

  74. Thumb 1483685418 artwork

    174: Paul Anthony Webb

    If you've hung out in our Slack community for any amount of time, chances are you've encountered Paul Anthony Webb. (You might have also seen him rocking some of our merch too!) Paul's curiosity for tech and design, along with his extensive project work, definitely grabbed my attention. Having him come on the show was a no-brainer!

    We started off our conversation talking about how Paul first got into design, and from there we talked about his process for coming up with new ideas and creating new projects. And if you're up for a little 80's nostalgia, we go there as well. Paul feels like anything is possible on the web, so I hope this interview inspires you to feel the same way!

  75. Thumb 1481946896 artwork

    173: Anne H. Berry

    Get ready for a great conversation this week as I talk to Anne H. Berry, assistant professor of graphic design at Cleveland State University. I've been familiar with Anne's work for years; her writing at Goshen Commons about diversity and design gave me a lot to think about in the early days of Revision Path. And when she reached out to me to talk about what I was doing, I knew I had to have her on the show!

    We start off by talking about her current work teaching at CSU (including a concentration on typography), and from there we discuss the proliferation of Black caricatures throughout the ages and how those inform our current day perceptions and stereotypes. Anne also shares her thoughts on the role that designers should play now, and gives some of her hopes for 2017. I think you're going to get a lot out of this week's episode!

  76. Thumb 1479274175 artwork

    172: Aisha Densmore-Bey

    Happy New Year! 2017 is here, and we're back with a new roster of great interviews for January. First up: Boston-based architect and designer Aisha Densmore-Bey.

    Architecture is sometimes left out of conversations about design, so Aisha and I spend some time unpacking that notion. She also shared what she'd like to see more of from the design community, gave her thoughts on the controversial #NotMyAIA campaign, and spoke about the work she does with getting kids interested in design careers through her seminar program Future Prep 101. Aisha doesn't limit herself, and I hope you get inspired by what she's doing so you can let go of limits in 2017!

  77. Thumb 1479274054 artwork

    171: Qa'id Jacobs (Part 2 of 2)

    This week's episode picks up a few weeks after Qa'id Jacobs and I first talked. (If you missed Part 1 of this interview, listen to it here.) The presidential election just ended here in the U.S., and I wanted to get Qa'id's feedback on how he was feeling.

    What follows is pretty surprising! I ask Qa'id if he and his family are still planning to move back to the United States, and he shares his thoughts on how and what these turbulent times mean for designers and for Black Americans. It's a bit of a departure from the normal Revision Path interview, but I thought it was a fitting way to close out the year.

    There won't be a new episode next week, but we will be back in the saddle with new episodes beginning on January 2. See you in 2017!

  78. Thumb 1477210327 artwork

    170: Qa'id Jacobs (Part 1 of 2)

    I don't remember exactly how I first found out about Qa'id Jacobs, but based on our conversation, he's someone that I will never forget. Our conversation was so deep, in fact, that I wanted to make this our first two-part episode!

    In part one of our talk, I got to learn more about Qa'id, including what he does as a product and systems designer, how his background in music and business led him to tech and design, the myth of Black creatives fleeing to Europe for greater civility, and what eventually prompted his move overseas to The Netherlands. Stay tuned as our conversation continues next week!

  79. Thumb 1477210274 artwork

    169: Tanya Marie

    We're headed back to the Caribbean this week and talking with designer and creative director Tanya Marie. Tanya is the creator of Designer Island, an online publication that curates the modern Caribbean aesthetic.

    We talked about why Tanya started Designer Island, and from there explored a bit about the Caribbean design aesthetic and what it means. She also shared how she first got into design, the new journey of entrepreneurship, and gave some context on what designers should know about about the Caribbean design community. Tanya's mission is about changing the way people view "made in the Caribbean", and I think you'll come away from this interview with a new and fresh perspective. Thanks Tanya!

  80. Thumb 1479273432 artwork

    168: Jacklyn Laryea

    We're closing out the month out with a conversation with Facebook product designer Jacklyn Laryea. Jacklyn's relatively new at Facebook, but her background includes work at PBS, The Atlantic, and AOL.

    Although we started off talking about what Jacklyn does at Facebook, we ended up discussing a lot of different topics, including how Jacklyn's Ghanaian roots influence her work, what she wants to see from the design community, and her advice for up and coming designers. But the interview's not all serious -- we end up having a few laughs too!

  81. Thumb 1477210186 artwork

    167: John Angelo

    John Angelo is a product design lead for Facebook News. He uses his specialty with emotive psychology and interaction design to make sure users are not just easily using the service, but that they're happy while doing it.

    John started off telling me about his passion for news and about how growing up all over the world left an impression on him as a designer. We also talked about the ins and outs of interaction design, how he approaches new projects, and some of the highlights of his career. John's had a really interesting career, and I'm looking forward to seeing what he'll bring to Facebook!

  82. Thumb 1479118835 artwork

    Bonus Episode: Maya Patterson

    We've got a special bonus episode for you this week! I had the opportunity to talk with Maya Patterson, a product designer for Trunk Club in Chicago, Illinois. After a few chats in our Slack community about diversity and the state of design media, I thought she would me a fantastic guest.

    Our conversation began with a look into a typical day for her at Trunk Club, and she shared how she got into product design, as well as the challenges she's faced being a Black woman in this field. We recorded our talk last week, so we also spend time unpacking our post-election feelings and looking at ways designers can get involved with using their talents to make social change. Hopefully you'll come away from this episode with some food for thought!

  83. Thumb 1477210157 artwork

    166: Karla Cole

    I first heard about Karla Cole through a past guest -- Allan Cole (no relation). As one of Facebook's newest product designers, Karla works on one the composer unit, one of Facebook's most vital features that asks "what's on your mind" when you want to make a Facebook post.

    Karla and I touched on a lot of topics, including design curriculum, how she approaches new projects, some of her dream projects, and her journey as a designer from North Carolina to Virginia to NYC to Facebook. Karla has some big goals for the future, and the combination of her enthusiasm and talent make her a force to be reckoned with in the design industry!

  84. Thumb 1477210134 artwork

    165: Reggie Murphy

    Last month, I had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity -- visiting Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, CA! I recorded some interviews while I was there that will air this month, and I spoke as part of Facebook's Design Lecture Series. First up, I'm talking with UX research manager Reggie Murphy.

    We started off by going into what UX research is and why it's important for designers, and Reggie shared how studying radio websites in the mid-90s turned into the career he has today. Reggie also gave some great advice and resources for those of you interested in UX research and how it's used to make design decisions at Facebook on a regular basis. Thanks to Facebook for helping make this month's interviews happen!

  85. Thumb 1474762837 artwork

    164: Sela Lewis

    You're really in for a great conversation this week! Sela Lewis described herself to me as "a designer who writes", but I think it's better to describe her as a designer who thinks. Whether she's expressing herself through her blog or taking on lofty design projects, Sela is always figuring out how her design skills can exist in multiple spaces to make the best impact on the world.

    We started off with her current work at Education Trust, and from there dove into a number of topics: Black women and creativity, NYC design culture vs. DC design culture, how travel has shaped her design thinking, and a lot more. We even talk a little about the current season of network and cable television! Sela says that designers should always make themselves a part of the deeper conversation, and I think this episode is a great example of that.

  86. Thumb 1474740111 artwork

    163: Jonathan Key

    If you're not inspired after hearing Jonathan Key talk about design, you might need to check your pulse! Jonathan's design work is all about representation, whether it's through his creative collective Codify Art or by taking a stand against state-sponsored violence by the police via Artists Against Police Violence. And he's still doing more!

    We started our conversation by discussing why it's important for artists and designers to be involved with social issues, and from there talked about his time at Brown University and RISD and how those experiences shaped his current work. He also mentioned the design work he's doing in the black LGBT community and talked about the artists and designers who influence his work. Overall, it's a great interview with someone who takes design and its power in our society very seriously. I hope you get inspired!

  87. Thumb 1474724148 artwork

    162: Larrie King

    Larrie King has a really interesting vantage point in the design community. As an assistant professor of design at Kent State University, he teaches the next generation of designers to take on the challenges of our ever-changing world. And as creative director of Glyphix Studio, he oversees projects and keeps clients happy. It's the best of both worlds!

    We spent a good bit of our conversation talking about design education and how he manages both of his roles at KSU. We also spoke on diversity in the design industry, his design influences, and his current work with Lifewater International. Larrie's message of inclusion is really important for designers everywhere, and I'm glad to speak to someone that's really doing the work and paving the way for the future!

  88. Thumb 1474723975 artwork

    161: Lyn Muldrow

    Have I mentioned lately that I love our Slack community? There are so many talented and amazing people there, including this week's guest -- Lyn Muldrow! Lyn is a front-end developer, as well as the technical manager for Oakland-based nonprofit organization Hack the Hood.

    We talked about how she got interested in technology at an early age, her experiences in Silicon Valley (and how that led her to where she is now), and we touch on the double consciousness around "being yourself" in an industry that expects you to conform to culture fit. Lyn also recently attended the White House for their LGBTQ Tech and Innovation Summit, so keep an eye out for her -- she's on the rise!

  89. Thumb 1474723941 artwork

    160: Paul Edoho-Eket

    I first met Paul Edoho-Eket earlier this year at HOW Design Live here in Atlanta. Paul is a design educator that's currently pulling double duty in Nashville, TN at Nossi College of Art and Fisk University. Talk about dedication!

    Since our interview was an extra from HBCU Month, we did spend a good bit of time comparing and contrasting his teaching experiences at Nossi and Fisk. Paul is a Fisk alumnus, and he talked about his time at Fisk, as well as what drives him to give back through education. Paul had a lot to say and the conversation definitely went pretty deep in a few places, so make sure you listen through it all. Thank you Paul for sharing your story!

  90. Thumb 1474148493 artwork

    159: KeVon Ticer

    We're ending out HBCU Month on Revision Path by talking with KeVon Ticer, a UX designer for the University of California. KeVon's journey has a designer has taken him from coast to coast!

    We spent a good bit of time talking about HBCUs -- Howard University in particular, KeVon's alma mater -- and whether they're preparing the next generation of designers. KeVon also shared his experiences at Carnegie Mellon and BitTorrent, and told me what it means to him to be a designer today. Thanks to KeVon for sharing his story!

  91. Thumb 1472917745 artwork

    158: Tamala Huntley

    Tamala Huntley has been requested by a lot of former guests of the show, and now I see why! Her unbridled enthusiasm for what she does and how she lives her life is a breath of fresh air. You've gotta hear her story!

    We began by looking at her current work as a digital marketing strategist and she talked about some of the tools she uses to run her business. From there, we took a journey through her career, starting with her early days at FAMU, starting her own Christian bookstore, and how she transitioned from that into design and now marketing. Tamala teaches people how to be okay with being yourself in your business, and she is a living testament to defining success on your own terms. Learn more about Tamala in this week's interview!

  92. Thumb 1466440999 artwork

    157: Nakita M. Pope

    One thing I love about what Nakita M. Pope does is that she takes complex concepts and makes them simple and easy for anyone to understand. As a designer, brand strategist, and Chief Chick of her own studio Branding Chicks, Nakita has helped transform the lives of her clients for over 15 years!

    We started off by looking at how she started her boutique branding studio, talked about her work as a design educator at The Creative Circus, and touched on her educational journey from Hampton University to The Portfolio Center to now. Nakita also shared some great resources for any designer looking to get more into design strategy. For Nakita, creativity is more than just business -- it's a way of life!

  93. Thumb 1471354664 artwork

    156: Douglas Davis

    I've known about Douglas Davis for years because of his work with HOW Design University. I finally met him in person this year at HOW Design Live, and was delighted to have him come on the show! Douglas stays busy — he’s a former professor at NYU and a current adjunct professor at City College's Branding and Integrated Communications graduate program, as well as a designer and creative strategist with his own firm called The Davis Group. Now he can add another title to his resume -- author! His new book, Creative Strategy and the Business of Design, is a must-have for any designer out there looking to level up their skills.

    We started off talking about how he started his creative strategy firm, the inspiration behind writing his book, and what he's learned from his students over the years. And because this is HBCU Month, we also talked about Hampton University and how they prepared him for furthering his journey and education as a designer. Thank you Douglas for being such an inspiration to us all!

  94. Thumb 1471176936 artwork

    155: Andrea Williams

    We're ending out our month of legacies by checking in with Andrea Williams, an art director and self-professed budding calligrapher in Detroit.

    Speaking of Motor City, that's where our conversation began. We talked about what it's like working for a global ad agency, and then moved into an exploration of the Detroit design scene. From here, Andrea discussed how she got started with hand lettering, her time at Wayne State University, and what it's like for her being a Black woman in the advertising industry. Thanks for the insightful words Andrea!

  95. Thumb 1468680074 artwork

    154: Fredric Mitchell

    Fredric Mitchell and I go way back in these Internet streets, so when I started Revision Path back in 2013, I was glad he was one of the first people to agree to an interview. Currently, Fredric is the VP of Engineering at Better Weekdays, a startup in St. Louis, MO that helps students find jobs.

    We started off by talking about his current work at Better Weekdays, and then we explored what he feels developers need to know in the current market. Fredric also gave some great insight on why side hustles are important, how to start as a public speaker, and he shared the biggest compromise he's made to be where he is now. Fredric has a really unique perspective to work and life, and I'm glad he was able to come and share that with all of you. Enjoy!

  96. Thumb 1466440809 artwork

    153: Kronda Adair

    I had the pleasure of first interviewing Kronda for the site back in 2013, and it has been amazing to see her progress over the years. As the founder of Karvel Digital, Kronda develops WordPress websites and gives business owners the training they need to own and manage their digital presence.

    We spent a lot of time talking about how Kronda built her business, including what she's learned over the years and how she's taken that knowledge and distilled it into her latest project: Websites That Work. We also had a pretty candid conversation about diversity in both the technology and information marketing spaces. Kronda is a force to be reckoned with, and I'm eager to see what she's going to do next!

  97. Thumb 1468680041 artwork

    152: Senongo Akpem

    Senongo Akpem is a brilliant art director and illustrator currently in New York City. What I love about Senongo's work is how he mixes futurism along with his Nigerian culture to create really fantastically creative projects.

    We started off by discussing two of his most well-known projects -- Pixel Fable and Holo Halo. From there, Senongo walked me through his early career, explained how his time in Japan helped shaped him as a designer, and gave some really sharp critiques on the current design community. Senongo is one of the very first designers I reached out to back in Revision Path's early days, so our interview today feels like a real full circle moment. I think you'll really get a lot out of this episode. Enjoy!

  98. Thumb 1466440721 artwork

    151: Dewon Hall

    After 150 episodes, I thought it would be a great idea to look back at some of the designers we've profiled from the early days of Revision Path. What are they up to now? What has changed since our first interview? I'm curious to know!

    Dewon Hall was first featured on the site back in August 2013, and he's currently the webmaster for Mississippi Valley State University in Itta Bena, MS. Before his work at MVSU, he worked for the past decade at Shamoon Advertising and Marketing creating award-winning campaigns.

    Dewon walked me through a typical day working at MVSU, and from there we went into pros and cons of being a designer in a rural area -- something I'm all too familiar with! He also talked about the work he's doing with art students in the Mississippi Delta area through a program called A.R.T. | Acknowledging Real Talent According to Dewon, it's important for him to be exactly where he is so he can help foster the next generation of designers. Powerful words from a great designer. Keep up the awesome work, Dewon!

  99. Thumb 1466440683 artwork

    150: Ashleigh Axios

    July has been such an amazing month, and I'm so excited to celebrate our 150th episode with a conversation with the incomparable Ashleigh Axios. She's an international speaker, a strategic creative, a member of the national board of directors for AIGA, president emeritus for AIGA DC, and is the former creative director for the White House under President Obama's administration. Whoa!

    We talked about the work Ashleigh's done during her tenure at the White House, and she shared which project challenged her the most as well as what it's like actually working in such close proximity with some of the nation's top officials. Ashleigh also gave her thoughts on whether the administration's current focus on tech and design would continue into the future, and we went into her current work with AIGA. Ashleigh is a huge advocate for design's ability to break barriers and create positive social change, and I think we will definitely see more from her in the future!

    Here's to 150 episodes!

  100. Thumb 1467047155 artwork

    149: De Nichols

    When I first asked De Nichols what title she would give herself, she said "I'm a curator of creative connections. A civic matchmaker. A creator." Pretty nice, right? De is more than just a title though -- her work helps changemakers nationwide actualize creative solutions to issues that matter most to them and their communities.

    We started off talking about her current work, including her activism work in Ferguson. We also talked about her organization Civic Creatives, and she gave some great advice on what designers can do to get involved in their communities to make change. De is such an upbeat and powerful force, and her enthusiasm for making the world a better place is infectious!

  101. Thumb 1466440639 artwork

    148: Amélie Lamont

    Our Slack community is filled with talented designers and technologists, and that's where I first met Amélie Lamont. Amélie is a product designer in New York City who is one-third of the team behind Good for PoC, a directory of tech companies which are inclusive and safe for people of color.

    Our conversation began with Amélie talking about the inspiration behind Good for PoC, and how the site has been received by the community. From there we talked about "Not a Black Chair", her account of discrimination, sexism and racism at Squarespace. We also discussed Amélie's past work as a certified health and wellness coach, and she shared what she does for self care, what attracts her to mentorship, and how she's pursuing her career goal of being a design anthropologist. I love that Amélie is so outspoken, so I hope her work inspires you to speak up as well!

  102. Thumb 1466913216 artwork

    147: Jon Lewis

    It's Independence Day here in the U.S., and what better way to celebrate that than by talking with a self-made business owner? Meet Jon Lewis: designer, co-founder and chief product officer of Circa Victor, a political technology firm currently based in Washington D.C. Jon and his team infuse design thinking and technology into our nation's political system by empowering journalists, the public, and decision makers at every level of government.

    We started off talking about how Circa Victor got started, and Jon shed some light on what tech can learn from the government (and vice versa). From there, we talked about his upbringing overseas, his time spent in Hawai'i honing his craft, and what he feels it means to be a designer today. Jon's unique style and outlook on the design world are what sets him apart, and I'm glad for the opportunity to have him tell his story. Aloha!

  103. Thumb 1465109857 artwork

    146: Andrea Pippins

    Andrea Pippins claims many titles -- educator, designer, author -- but above all, she's an artist first. Andrea just finished her latest book Becoming Me, so this interview came right on time!

    We began by talking about Andrea's journey as an author from her first book I ♥ My Hair to today. Andrea also shared what first got her involved in design, spoke about her time at art school at Temple University, touched on her work as a design educator (including her current position at MICA), and a whole lot more. This is an interview you'll definitely want to listen to again and again!

  104. Thumb 1465109840 artwork

    145: Sanford Greene

    Comic book fans, you're in for a treat this week! I'm talking with Sanford Greene, illustrator for Marvel Comics and half of the team behind the new Power Man and Iron Fist. Sanford's style is unmistakeable, and his work has also graced other Marvel titles like Deadpool and Spider-Man.

    We talked about how he got his start with Marvel, his feelings on the new Luke Cage series on Netflix (and his rising popularity), as well as his own title Rotten Apple on Dark Horse Comics. Sanford's motto of creating from life is one I think we can all get behind!

  105. Thumb 1465109823 artwork

    144: Amy Lee Walton

    It's not often that you meet someone like Amy Lee Walton. As a cartographer, Amy Lee helps Mapbox create maps that combine technology and aesthetics.

    I started off by asking her what makes a good map, and from there we went more into how she got first interested in technology, using design for social good, and her advice for designers and developers alike. Our world is changing every day, and it's talented people like Amy Lee that are helping to navigate it one map at a time!

  106. Thumb 1465418711 artwork

    143: Kingsley Harris

    If you've been listening to the show for the past few months, you've heard me doing short interviews with designers at Facebook. This week, I'm really glad to have the chance to interview one at length -- Kingsley Harris.

    Our conversation started off with Kingsley talking about what he does at Facebook, and then we spoke about how he got into design, his early days at social networking pioneer BlackPlanet, and talked about how we can get the next generation interested in design. Kingsley might not be the typical product designer, but it's his mix of experiences and perspectives that make him stand out!

  107. Thumb 1460520804 artwork

    142: Denise Jacobs

    Denise Jacobs is a woman who needs no introduction. Her work as a speaker, author, and creativity evangelist has her spreading the gospel of creativity at conferences and tech companies around the world, and has definitely made her a household name in the industry.

    We started off talking about how Denise first got started in the industry and later broke into the speaker circuit, as well as her career transition from CSS to creativity. Denise also shared some great information about how to find your strengths, as well as what gives her purpose to continue doing this important work. According to Denise, everyone is creative; they just need to figure out how. That's the kind of wisdom that's made her such a sought after expert!

  108. Thumb 1460212450 artwork

    141: Rich Hollant

    Rich Hollant's body of work is just...amazing. As the principal, strategist, and design director at CO:LAB (a firm he started in 1988), he has done work with everyone from Fortune 500 corporations to cities and municipalities with enriching social value projects. He's won awards from AIGA, CADC, Print, HOW, and many other organizations. Rich is also going to be a new national board member for AIGA...and there's even more!

    While we did spend a good bit of time on the work that Rich and his firm does, our conversation touched on a lot of other points. Listen as Rich shares the secret to his business' success and longevity, his philosophy on work and life, and learn how he says designers can get involved in social value projects. You'll definitely want to take notes for this interview! Enjoy!

  109. Thumb 1460212420 artwork

    140: Harrison Wheeler

    "Regardless of your dreams, don't let anyone stop you." When Harrison Wheeler, told me this before our interview, I knew that we were going to have a good conversation on our hands. Harrison is the design manager at Base, a customer relationship management tool used by entrepreneurs to help track clients and set up a sales process so your business runs more efficiently.

    We started off by going through a typical day for Harrison, and he shared what he thinks makes someone a good design manager. From there, he talked about how he first got involved in design, his entrepreneurial days at the University of Iowa, and we talked a bit about diversity in design as it relates to hiring. (And he is hiring!) Harrison really had a lot of great information to share, and I think anyone interested in more about product design or design management should definitely give this episode a listen. Thanks to Ron Bronson for the introduction!

  110. Thumb 1459632616 artwork

    139: Asia Hoe

    When Asia and I spoke before recording, she told me that one thing she wanted people to take away from our talk was that it doesn't matter what your path is, there's a way into technology. I think that's super important for people to hear, especially when there's so much talk about college programs, hackathons, and the like. There's more than one way to be a part of this industry, and Asia's story definitely illustrates that.

    We started off talking about the work she's currently doing as a product designer at 2U, including learning how she approaches new projects and the tools she uses. From there, we talked about how she got into design, how her college experiences shaped her, and her love for mentoring and volunteering. We also spend some time going into game design and Asia shared the game she's most interested in and the one she most wants to design. Thank you Asia for such a thoughtful interview!

  111. Thumb 1459632578 artwork

    138: Dr. Vukosi Marivate

    It's May, and we're beginning the month by talking with Dr. Vukosi Marivate. Dr. Marivate is a data scientist at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in South Africa. His work primarily deals with machine learning, so I had to ask one question -- how do machines learn?

    From there, Dr. Marivate walked me through a typical day, answered some great questions from our Slack community, and shared what people who are interested in data science should learn. We also talked about his early days growing up in South Africa and going to college there, as well as his time here in the United States at Rutgers studying for his Ph.D. Dr. Marivate shared a lot of really great advice that he's used to help him succeed, and I'm glad to get the opportunity to have him share it with you all!

    Join our Slack AMA with WordPress consultant and developer Kronda Adair on Wednesday, May 4! Sign up for our Slack community here:

  112. Thumb 1459632536 artwork

    137: Earl Carlson

    We're back to New York City this week -- Brooklyn, to be exact -- and talking with Digital Ocean product designer Earl Carlson. Earl is proof that you can move around and try different things as long as you have the drive to succeed.

    We started off talking about Earl's college days at the University of Michigan, and then Earl guided me through where his design skills have taken him -- New Orleans and San Francisco. We also talked about some of the work he's doing at Digital Ocean, his great posts on design on Medium, as well as some of the people who keep him motivated and inspired to succeed. Earl is really about helping the next generation of designers, so make sure you keep an eye out for him in a city near you!

  113. Thumb 1459632496 artwork

    136: Eniola Odetunde

    We have a lot of students that listen to Revision Path, but I haven't actually had a student on as a guest in a long time! Enter Eniola Odetunde: a visual designer and current grad student at the Savannah College Art of Design. She shared some great insights into the life of a student designer that I think you'll enjoy.

    Eniola's specialty as a designer deals with movement, so we talked about how she got into dynamic typography and stop motion work. She also shared why hand lettering is so popular right now, and shared how she gets inspired and works on new projects. We even went into the Atlanta design scene a bit and talked about diversity in the design industry. According to Eniola, "you might not be the best, but you have to figure out your style." Excellent advice!

  114. Thumb 1459632444 artwork

    135: Satchell Drakes

    Designer and web video producer Satchell Drakes is someone I've wanted to have on the show for quite a while. Satchell is probably best known for his YouTube channel Satchbag's Goods -- a collection of gorgeously produced and insightful videos on gaming, movies, music, and culture.

    We started off talking about the independent Internet space and how he got started with design and video and he walked me through his workflow and what a typical day is like for him as a designer. Satchell also shared the biggest compromise he's made that has attributed to his success. And of course, we talked about video games too! I think you'll really get a lot out of this interview, so press play and enjoy!

  115. Thumb 1457879940 artwork

    134: Dr. James H. Hill

    "If there's one thing I want people to know, it's that computer science is accessible by everyone." When Dr. James H. Hill told me that, I had a feeling this was going to be a pretty interesting interview. Dr. Hill is currently an associate professor of computer science at Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses and serves as co-director of their Software Engineering and Distributed Systems research group.

    We started off with Dr. Hill's backstory and how he got into computer science, and from there he walks us through his work at IUPUI and some of the current projects he's overseeing and researching. Dr. Hill and I also spoke about the current government administration's focus on computer science curriculum and what that means for educators and students. It's a great interview, and I'm always glad to get the chance to talk with a fellow Morehouse alum. Enjoy!

  116. Thumb 1457340774 artwork

    133: Kat Vellos

    March is ending with a great interview with product designer Kat Vellos. Kat's unique approach to user experience design comes from her past work in visual design, education, and facilitation. Very cool!

    We talked about some of her current projects, including #EndSmallTalk and the popular Bay Area Black Designers meetup. We also discussed mentorship and how people can use design in their communities. Kat's curious and inquisitive nature, combined with her background, makes her a really thoughtful designer. I'm interested in seeing what else she does in the future!

  117. Thumb 1457340668 artwork

    132: Bemnet Yemesgen

    Bemnet Yemesgen wears a lot of different hats -- creative director, photographer, strategist -- but if you're looking for a title that describes his work, "creator" is the one.

    We talked about his early years growing up in Addis Ababa, moving to the U.S. for college, and his current work in our nation's capital. We also spent some time talking about how his faith impacts his design work, along with why he loves learning by going to conferences. Bemnet's main goals are to inspire, educate, and connect, and I think you'll find yourself relating to him on all three points. Thanks to Dian Holton for the introduction!

  118. Thumb 1457340608 artwork

    131: Antoinette Smith

    We've talked about coding bootcamps several times here on Revision Path, so I thought it would be a fantastic idea to talk with someone who teaches them! Meet Antoinette Smith, an instructor and software engineer with Prime Digital Academy.

    We started off with an overview of Prime Digital Academy and what Antoinette teaches, and from there we talked about the effectiveness of coding bootcamps for employers and Antoinette's love for databases. We also spent some time talking about the local Twin Cities tech scene, her journey as a software engineer, and the one dream project she would love to build. Thank you Antoinette for helping teach the next generation of programmers!

  119. Thumb 1457014896 artwork

    130: Maurice Cherry

    It's Revision Path's 3rd anniversary, and this week I'm the one in the hot seat! You've heard me interview dozens of Black designers and developers from around the world, and now you can learn more about me, how Revision Path got started, and how Revision Path has allowed me to make a bigger impact in the design community. You'll even learn about the one idea I'm most passionate about that I haven't released to the public!

    A huge thanks to comedian and programmer Brandi Brown for interviewing me for this special episode!

  120. Thumb 1456588005 artwork

    129: Ben Lindo

    When I first heard Ben's amazing story of becoming an industrial designer, I knew that I had to have him on the show. Chairs, tables, utensils, plates...industrial design touches our world in even the smallest things.

    We started off with a dive into the world of industrial design as Ben described how he got interested in the field. From there, we go deep into Ben's time at Philadelphia University, his discovery of famed industrial designer Noel Mayo, and his love of volunteering and mentorship. Ben is all about paying it forward to the next generation of designers, and I couldn't think of a better interview to end Black History Month with. Thanks to Terri Burch for the introduction!

  121. Thumb 1456011567 artwork

    128: Dian Holton

    Dian Holton is a design superhero! By day, she's an editorial art director at AARP. But by night, she's installing window displays, dressing mannequins, and creating magic for the GAP through the nation's capital. Did I mention that she's also on the board of Washington DC's AIGA chapter and she's on AIGA's national Diversity and Inclusion Task Force? She does it all!

    Our conversation started off with a look into her day job, and from there we talked about DC's design scene, her love for volunteering, and how she managed to get so much done in the name of design. Dian was recently named by Graphic Design USA as one of 2016's "People to Watch", and it's easy to see why!

  122. Thumb 1455136076 artwork

    127: Vince Baskerville

    Vince Baskerville is a real mover and shaker in the design and tech community here in Atlanta. Whether he's teaching the next generation of UX designers at General Assembly or helping CallRail improve their call tracking software as their director of user experience, Vince's work ethic is rooted in leading by example.

    We started off talking about his work at CallRail as he walked me through a typical day on the job. From there, we discussed his work co-founding the popular travel app TripLingo, talked about the Atlanta tech scene, and about how he's changed over the years with the shift in the industry. According to Vince, there's no substitute for hard work -- and he's right!

  123. Thumb 1454853012 artwork

    126: Anna Wilder

    This week, I'm talking with Anna Wilder, lead designer and brand manager for De Novo Nutrition. While she is based out of Tampa, Florida, she's a Chicagoland native with education from Savannah College of Arts and Columbia College Chicago.

    We started off talking about what it's like working as the first design hire for a startup, and from there went into her transition from the midwest to the South. She also walked us through a typical day at De Novo, and she spoke about what motivates her as a young designer. I'm excited to see where Anna's work will take her next!

  124. Thumb 1454198065 artwork

    125: Kojo Boateng

    It's our 125th episode, and I'm delighted to bring you this conversation with Kojo Boateng. Kojo's a multidisciplinary designer with a background in graphic design and motion graphics probably most well-known for his tenure as design director for the award-winning ITV News in the United Kingdom.

    We started off recapping his work for ITV News, and Kojo shared what makes great graphics for television and how color influences the news. From there, he shared what he's focusing on now along with some of the people who have inspired him. It's a really great opportunity to speak to someone who is a great designer and a great person as well. Enjoy!

  125. Thumb 1453882823 artwork

    124: Ayana Baltrip-Balagás

    We're closing out January with a great interview with another multitalented creator -- San Francisco's own Ayana Baltrip-Balagás. She's a designer, a photographer, a business owner, an educator, and so much more!

    Our conversation started off talking about the Organization of Black Designers, and from there we went into Ayana's history as an actress and dancer (and how that led into photography and design). We also touched on design education, and Ayana shared some great information on design thinking, the importance of Black designers having a strong online presence, and ways that the design industry can really start taking diversity seriously. Thank you Ayana for being a beacon of hope and a force for creative change!

  126. Thumb 1453608608 artwork

    123: Vaughn Dabney

    "I am a firm believer in doing what you love no matter what it takes." Vaughn Dabney's philosophy of happiness has led him to personal and professional success, and I couldn't think of a better person to have on the show during a time of the year when we're all making goals and resolutions to improve.

    We talked about what drew him to mobile development, his dev platform of choice, his company Empty Box Media, and where he sees his company going in the future. For Vaughn, being happy is his #1 concern, and it's clear that his work gives him the freedom to do pursue his dreams. Enjoy the interview!

  127. Thumb 1452961878 artwork

    122: Napoleon Wright II

    When I asked Napoleon Wright II to describe what he does, he gave me a list of titles -- animator, videographer, filmmaker, musician, designer, etc. Needless to say, he's brimming with creative ability, and that always makes for a great interview.

    We started off talking about the Raleigh creative scene, and from there went into how Napoleon first got into design, the creation of his design company Pan II Creative, as well as his forays into music. This industry moves fast, and a creative like Napoleon has just what it takes to adapt and thrive. Enjoy the interview!

  128. Thumb 1451877054 artwork

    121: Mario Moorhead

    Happy new year! We're kicking off our 2016 interviews by chatting with Mario Moorhead. While Mario is a full-stack developer and architect, a lot of our conversation didn't even focus on technology!

    We talked about how Mario got into programming, his life as a musician, some projects he's working on right now (including a political mashup site), and the people who inspire him. You can tell Mario's a real deep thinker with a unique outlook on life. Hope you enjoy!

  129. Thumb 1449541271 artwork

    120: Oen Michael Hammonds

    Oen Michael Hammonds, a designer, mentor and lead facilitator at IBM Design, has designed across the gamut — advertising, graphic, interactive and environmental. At IBM Design, Oen works with internal teams to develop design thinking among executives, software development teams, and sales.

    First, we talked about design thinking -- what it is, how it's used, and why it's important. From there, our conversation focused on Oen's journey as a designer, the importance of AIGA to his career, and what excites him about design. What a great way to end out the year!

  130. Thumb 1449541223 artwork

    119: Erica Joy

    Erica Joy is a build and release engineer for Slack. When she's not busy working on the latest features for the popular team collaboration tool, she's speaking out on the problems in the tech community and how they can be solved.

    We spoke about a typical day at Slack, talked about her popular piece on Medium titled "The Other Side of Diversity", touched on the topic of diversity advocacy, and even talked about genealogy. (Talk about a range of topics!) Erica's voice is so needed in this current state of the industry, and I'm really glad for the opportunity to share her story!

  131. Thumb 1449323023 artwork

    118: Mina Markham

    If you're involved in the Sass community, there's a good chance you've heard of front-end architect Mina Markham. She's definitely known in the Dallas area for her work with Girl Develop it, Black Girls Code, and other non-profit organizations, and she's currently working on the campaign staff for presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton!

    We talked about Mina's journey as a designer, her love for giving back to the community, why she loves Sass, and the people that motivate and inspire her. Mina is a true testament to the power of hard work, and I'm really glad to have the chance to share her story. Enjoy!

  132. Thumb 1449101655 artwork

    117: Rachel Harsley

    We have a lot of students who listen to the show, so it was a nice bit of serendipity when Rachel Harsley reached out to me to tell me about her story! Rachel is a Ph.D. student at the University of Illinois at Chicago as well as the developer of a revolutionary new app called Clean Slate Messenger.

    We spoke about Rachel's current studies, what she's learned at her internships at AT&T, Intel, GE, and Google, and how mentorship and the community have helped her succeed. Rachel will be working at Google as soon as she graduates, so make sure you keep an eye out for this shooting star!

  133. Thumb 1448139264 artwork

    116: Marco Rogers

    Marco Rogers is the engineering manager at Clover Health, a unique health insurance plan focused on driving down costs and producing improved health outcomes. Marco also writes small novels on Twitter (his words, not mine!) on everything from the current state of the tech industry to issues dealing with inequality and social justice. That's quite an intersection!

    We talked about the work he's doing at Clover Health, touched on the always hot topic of diversity in the tech industry, and learned how he's changed in the past year as an engineer and as a manager. I'm really grateful for the opportunity to speak with Marco, and you can tell that he takes an immense amount of pride not just in his work, but in ensuring that his work affects change. Dive in and enjoy the interview!

  134. Thumb 1448139088 artwork

    115: Diógenes Brito

    You may have heard of Diógenes Brito from his blog post "Just A Brown Hand". In it, he talks about his process behind a simple design change that has now made ripples throughout the tech community. Small changes definitely can have big consequences!

    In our conversation, we talked about confusing job titles in the tech industry, his philosophy as a designer, who he admires, and his current obsessions. Diógenes is definitely someone who thinks deeply about design and its impact (even in the smallest ways). It's a really fun and informative interview, so I hope you learn a lot from it!

  135. Thumb 1448138465 artwork

    114: Darhil Crooks

    Darhil Crooks is the creative director for The Atlantic. He oversees the art direction of the magazine across print, online, and on mobile and tablet devices. His work has literally graced the covers of some the world's most popular magazines, including Esquire, Ebony, and The Source.

    Our to begin? Darhil walked me through a typical day for him at the magazine and we discussed what makes a good magazine cover as well as some of his older work. From there, he spoke on his time at SVA, the fundamentals to his success, the people who inspire him, and what he's got in store for the future. I'm so glad to be able to share this conversation with you, so sit back and enjoy!

  136. Thumb 1447147195 artwork

    113: Justin Edmund

    You may know about Justin Edmund from one of two places -- his turn as a child actor in the 1996 holiday classic "The Preacher's Wife" or as Pinterest's first design hire (who USA Today profiled last year about being Black in Silicon Valley). What more is there that you could know? A lot!

    We talked about his shift from acting to technology, his time at Carnegie Mellon, the early days of Pinterest, and his focus on using design to solve big problems and help the less privileged among us. Justin's also on the crossroads of a pretty big life change, so I'm really glad for the opportunity to talk with him about what he's got in store in the future. Enjoy!

  137. Thumb 1447147133 artwork

    112: Ryan Williams

    There's so much conversation around diversity in tech these days, especially as it relates to hiring. I had a chance to interview Ryan Williams, one of the co-founders of Jopwell, a company that helps companies connect with and recruit minority candidates for internships, entry-level positions, and experienced hiring opportunities.

    We talked about how Jopwell began and went through YCombinator, hiring trends, Jopwell's next steps, and what success looks like for him and for the company. Jopwell is definitely a valuable tool for companies and job seekers, so if you're looking for a job, sign up today!

  138. Thumb 1447147070 artwork

    111: Gabrielle Smith

    I've known about Gabrielle Smith's work since 2010 through her popular, award-winning website The:nublk, a platform that showcases the work of contemporary creatives and content with a focus on Africa, the Caribbean, and the diaspora. (Sound familiar?)

    We talked about what Gabrielle has learned since starting The:nublk, Black people we should look out for in the British creative scene, some of the coolest projects she's worked with, and her advice for creatives who need a push. I'm really interested in seeing what Gabrielle's next move will be!

  139. Thumb 1447147015 artwork

    110: Saron Yitbarek

    Saron Yitbarek is the patron saint of beginning coders. Her platform CodeNewbie -- which is also a Twitter chat, Slack community, and a popular podcast -- serves as a helpful and supportive community for anyone looking to start their journey to becoming a programmer.

    We talked about her inspiration for starting CodeNewbie, how she first got into code, how cultivating CodeNewbie has helped balance the negativity in the tech industry, and what fuels her to succeed. I love how Saron is such a positive and inspirational force for all coders!

  140. Thumb 1447146914 artwork

    109: Gus Granger

    When it comes to design, Gus Granger is no stranger. As the principal of Dallas' premiere brand communications agency 70kft, Gus works with clients and oversees a team focused on providing design, public relations, and digital marketing services to their clients.

    We talked about how Gus started his company from the ground up, the current climate surrounding diversity in the technology and design communities, the importance of AIGA for students, and his recent project from Studio 360 which involved designing a new symbol for the South. Gus is a really positive and inspirational example of excellence in our field, and I'm really glad to have the chance to share his story with you all. Enjoy!

  141. Thumb 1447146825 artwork

    108: Shannon Washington

    Shannon Washington is a true creative force! Several people that have been on the show have recommended that I talk with her, and after seeing her in this year's Women's Freedom Conference, I knew I had to make it happen.

    Our conversation started with a simple question: "When did you first fall in love with design?" From there, we talked about her time at Howard University, how she became a creative director, the people who inspire her, and her dream project. Shannon is definitely more than just a creative director, world traveler, and fierce advocate for Black women -- she is a creator!

  142. Thumb 1446127127 artwork

    107: Dori Tunstall

    When Dori Tunstall told me that the reason why we design is to make thoughts tangible, I had an idea I would be in for a fantastic interview. Dori is the associate professor of design anthropology at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. Through her work, she shows how the processes and artefacts of design help define what it means to be human.

    Our interview started off with a brief overview of the sphere of design anthropology, along with a tour of her professional career which has taken her all around the world. We also talked about the U.S. National Design Policy Initiative and on ways designers can get involved with influencing policy on a local level. Dori is doing some really fascinating and incredible work that's worth recognizing, so I'm honored to be able to share this talk with you. You'll want to take notes for this one!

  143. Thumb 1445293543 artwork

    106: Craig Brimm

    I've been a fan of Craig Brimm's website Kiss My Black Ads for years, so I was really glad to have the chance to interview him for the show! Craig has been in the advertising and design business for nearly 20 years, so he has a great perspective on these industries.

    We talked about his start in design here in Atlanta, the ups and downs of working for agencies, and his newest venture -- entrepreneurship! This is definitely an interview you'll want to take notes with while listening because Craig drops a lot of pearls of wisdom. Press play and enjoy!

  144. Thumb 1443944677 artwork

    105: Douglass Turner

    When Douglass Turner contacted me via Twitter and said he had a story to tell, I was intrigued. But it wasn't until we sat down and started recording that I really see what he meant. From growing up in NYC surrounded by poets and writers to working at Apple in the 80s and 90s to spending years in Reykjavik, Iceland...Douglass Turner has lived.

    Our discussion covered all of this and a lot more, including his thoughts on the ubiquity of software in today's world, the work he's doing now with his company Elastic Image Software, and his thoughts on diversity in technology. It's a pretty fascinating conversation from a very fascinating person!

  145. Thumb 1443881362 artwork

    104: Sheila Owens

    I was introduced to Sheila Owens through a fellow Morehouse alum, and wow -- what a discovery! Sheila has over 30 years of software development experience to her name, and she's currently doing Android development using Java.

    We talked about how her entry into computer science was a bit of a fluke, her work for the United States Government, the experience of teaching computer science, and her advice for up and coming programmers. Sheila's got quite a story, so make sure you check out what she has to say!

  146. Thumb 1443879486 artwork

    103: Carissa Hempton

    I'm kicking off November by talking with Carissa Hempton, art director, designer, and one-half of the design studio known as A Civil Fox. Their motto -- Heartfelt Headstrong Design -- informs their creative process from start to finish.

    Carissa talked to me about how A Civil Fox started, what a typical day is like working from home and balancing life and projects, the rollercoaster ride of entrepreneurship, and the importance of side projects. Carissa also works with AIGA Houston, so she's really tapped into the local design scene there. I really enjoyed talking with Carissa, and I think you'll enjoy hearing from her!

  147. Thumb 1443877731 artwork

    102: Iheanyi Ekechukwu

    We're taking a trip back down to Austin this week to talk with full-stack software engineer Iheanyi Ekechukwu. Iheanyi works at the IBM Watson Innovation Labs doing next-level work on cognitive computing systems that use data to enhance, scale, and accelerate human expertise. Pretty cool!

    We started off talking about tech -- what programming languages he's working with, what projects he's built, etc. -- but we quickly shifted to a pretty frank discussion on diversity in tech. From there, Iheanyi talked about some of his mentors, what motivates him, and about his own podcast Two Black Nerds. Iheanyi brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm not just to his work, but to the tech community as a whole. Watch out now!

  148. Thumb 1445027586 artwork

    Bonus Episode: Olivier Madiba

    This special interview with game developer Olivier Madiba was a real treat. Olivier is the founder and CEO of Kiro'o Games, the first video game studio in central Africa (Cameroon, to be exact)! We recorded this interview during their Kickstarter campaign to raise money for their first title -- African-fantasy RPG Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan -- and I'm happy to report that the game is now fully funded!

    Our interview talks about how Olivier first came up with the idea for the game, how he managed to garner support for building a game company in Cameroon, the next steps of growth for the company, and about the challenges of game development in Africa. It's a short interview, but I'm so glad for the chance to talk with Olivier and share his story and his work. I'm really excited to see what else Olivier and Kiro'o Games has in store!

  149. Thumb 1442379863 artwork

    101: Jack Butler

    This week's episode is really special to me on a personal level. I talked with Jack Butler, an analytics associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Chicago -- and one of my cousins! Jack is originally from Atlanta, and is a recent graduate from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in decision science.

    We talked about decision science and how it works, some of the projects he's working on at PricewaterhouseCoopers dealing with big data, and how he's been able to make his own way at such a young age. I'm really proud to see what Jack has accomplished, and I'm glad he could share what he's doing with all of you!

  150. Thumb 1444589840 artwork

    100: Sarah Huny Young

    For Revision Path's 100th interview, I had the opportunity to talk with design powerhouse Sarah Huny Young. Huny's portfolio speaks for itself, and she's done next-level design work for big entertainment brands like VIBE Magazine and BET. Currently, she's the founder of Supreme Clientele, a design agency in Pittsburgh, PA that has done work for award-winning websites like VSB, Soulbounce, The Curvy Fashionista, and the Women's Freedom Conference.

    Our conversation touched on so many things -- entrepreneurship, the design process, visibility, name it. You'll just to settle in and press play and soak it all up. It's truly one of the best interviews I've done to date, and I'm so glad to have the chance to talk with one of my personal design heroes. Here's to 100 episodes of the Revision Path podcast!

  151. Thumb 1443472485 artwork

    099: Marsha Mothersill

    Marsha Mothersill wears a lot of hats -- web developer, business owner, project manager -- and she loves it! Marsha comes from a family of entrepreneurs, and she has a real knack for web development and solving big problems.

    We talked about the design work she's done around London, how and why she took the leap into starting her own business, her love for automobiles, and the advocacy work she does for sickle cell anemia awareness. It's a really great interview, and Marsha is a true inspiration. Next week -- episode 100!

  152. Thumb 1442731581 artwork

    098: Vanessa French-Harris

    I met Vanessa French-Harris when I spoke in Raleigh this month for the Hopscotch Design Festival. We spoke a bit before and after my talk, and I knew she would be fantastic to have on the show. Currently, she's the graphic design manager at Meredith College, and she has decades of experience in this industry.

    We talked about her time at Parsons in NYC and her work in the NYC design scene, her illustration work, and her priceless advice for designers in the field right now. I'm so glad I had the chance to connect with Vanessa, and I think you'll get a lot of gems out of this interview. Enjoy!

  153. Thumb 1441064636 artwork

    097: Jeunanne Alkins

    This week, we're heading down to Trinidad and talking with Jeunanne Alkins, the creative powerhouse behind Everything Slight Pepper and ESPjr, a design studio specializing in Caribbean-themed content for children. From apparel to graphic design to animation, Jeunanne really does it all.

    We talked about how Jeunanne got started in the field of design, the creative community in Trinidad, the notion of a Caribbean design aesthetic, and a lot more. I have a feeling you'll be seeing and hearing more from Jeunanne in the future. Grab a doubles with "everything slight pepper" and enjoy!

  154. Thumb 1441060240 artwork

    096: Temi Adeniyi

    I'm so glad I had the chance to talk with Temi Adeniyi, a London-born product designer currently in Berlin. (It's my first German interview!) Temi is the lead designer at Blinkist, a service that distills over 1000+  non-fiction books down to easily digestible synopses.

    We talked about both the London and Berlin creative scenes, diversity in design in Germany, Temi's penchant for self-initiated projects, and she shared some great advice for people who want to get into design. Learn more about Temi and her work in this week's interview!

  155. Thumb 1439856820 artwork

    095: Alicia Carr

    I'm starting September off with the inspiring Alicia Carr. Alicia is an iOS mobile engineer and the founder and CEO of The Purple Pocketbook, the first domestic violence mobile app in the state of Georgia. Alicia began coding at 51, and her work was even highlighted during this year's WWDC live feed. Impressive!

    We spoke about her app, her work with Women Who Code, the WWDC experience, and her future goals and plans. Alicia has such an upbeat and positive spirit, and I think you'll really fall in love with her and her story. I know I'm definitely motivated by what she's accomplished, and I think you will be too!

  156. Thumb 1438666375 artwork

    094: Denise Nicole Francis

    To cap off the month, I'm talking with full-stack designer Denise Nicole Francis. Her journey into the world of the Web by way of architecture and fashion design might sound a little odd, but she's picked up some serious skills along the way, including studying under design great Massimo Vignelli!

    We talked about the work she's doing at General Assembly, discussed some of her design inspirations, and she shared how she ended up as creative director for a Grammy Award-winning artist! Denise's positive attitude and sunny outlook on life is definitely an inspiration. Big thanks to Jarrett Coger for the introduction!

  157. Thumb 1438403840 artwork

    093: Pamela Assogba

    If there's one word that I would use to describe Pamela Assogba, it would be ambitious. Originally from Dakar, Senegal, Pamela's love for knowledge brought her here to Washington, DC, and she studied architecture and fashion design before settling into web development. Now, she's a full-stack engineer for Vox Media and an instructor for General Assembly teaching courses on front-end web development.

    We talked about the lessons she's learned since becoming a web developer, what keeps her motivated and inspired, the state of diversity in the tech industry, and some insight into the tech scene in Dakar. Pamela also had some great advice for new coders -- have fun with it! (I totally agree.) Without further ado, here's Pamela! Enjoy!

  158. Thumb 1437711059 artwork

    092: Tiffany Middleton

    This interview with designer/photographer Tiffany Middleton was really fun. Tiffany is a pro when it comes to sports design, having done design work for the Auburn University Tigers as well as the Green Bay Packers. Currently, she's a designer for Panini America, a premier distributor for sports trading cards.

    We talked about where her love for sports design came from, the design program at her alma mater, as well as her dream design project. Tiffany Middleton is definitely a star on the rise!

  159. Thumb 1436562019 artwork

    091: Ire Aderinokun

    I had a blast chatting with Ire Aderinokun, a UI designer and front-end developer in Lagos, Nigeria. You may have seen Ire mentioned on CSS-Tricks for her writings over at Bits of Code, a blog she created for self-taught web developers.

    We talked about what Ire's learned since launching Bits of Code, how she got into web development after getting degrees in psychology and law, the booming tech and startup scene in Lagos, polyphasic sleep, and her advice for budding developers. Keep an eye out for Ire!

  160. Thumb 1436428880 artwork

    090: Tiffany Mikell

    "You can create your own path. Trust yourself." When Tiffany Mikell told me this before we recorded, I knew we would be in for a great conversation. Tiffany is doing a ton of work these days as CEO of Black Star Media and technology director of Trans*H4CK, a hackathon and speaker series for the trans and gender non-conforming community.

    Tiffany and I first met in person at SXSW, so that's where we started things off. From there, we spoke about the successes and future plans of both Black Star Media and Trans*H4CK, their recent grant endowment, and the power of educational technology solutions for communities of color (specifically, Black communities). I'm excited to see what she'll have in store in the future!

  161. Thumb 1433806435 artwork

    089: Theresa Stewart

    Theresa Stewart is an interaction designer for gravitytank, an innovation consultancy in Chicago, Illinois. Her enthusiasm for interaction design is deeply rooted in her love of problem solving and she has helped companies craft meaningful solutions in a range of industries including consumer electronics, retail, and healthcare.

    We started by talking about her work at gravitytank, and then moved into discussing the concept of play in design, the type of health data wearables should track, and her recent time in Iceland attending DesignMarch part of AIGA's Spring B'Reykjavik. Thanks to Amy Schwartz for the introduction!

  162. Thumb 1433622282 artwork

    088: Kaya Thomas

    Kaya Thomas' star is on the rise! Maybe you've heard of her because of her popular iPhone app We Read Too. Or maybe you know her as one The Root's 2015 Young Futurists. Or maybe you've seen her on stage at Black Girls Rock being honored by First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama! It's all in a day's work for this Dartmouth computer science sophomore.

    We talked about her work and the importance of visibility for Black developers (specifically Black women), combating unsupportive company culture, and what it means to be supportive of diversity. There's no sign of things slowing down for Kaya, and I'm so excited to share this conversation with you. Kaya Thomas is a superstar!

  163. Thumb 1432318959 artwork

    087: Harlo Holmes

    Harlo Holmes is someone I've wanted to have on the show for a long time. I first heard about her work when she was a research fellow with The Guardian Project, and now she's a digital security trainer with the Freedom of the Press Foundation. Throughout her career, Harlo has been solving all the puzzles that new media presents in a number of different ways as a software developer, media scholar, and activist.

    We started off talking about her past and current work, which then segued into a great discussion about metadata, the Internet of Things, and some of the current and new problems that we're all facing with data security as we live in a digitally-connected world. Harlo is definitely someone you'll hear more about in the future, and I'm super stoked to have her come on the show.

  164. Thumb 1432142653 artwork

    086: Tamika D. Williams

    School might be out for the summer, but learning never stops when Tamika D. Williams is around. She's a photographer and a working designer, and is an associate design professor at Alabama A&M University who is responsible for coordinating the graphic design program for the school's visual art department.

    A large chunk of our conversation is about design education at HBCUs, but we also touched on diversity in design academia and talked about what students need to do to succeed as professional designers. Tamika's enthusiasm and dedication to the craft of design is really inspiring, and I'm thrilled to share this conversation with you all. Enjoy!

  165. Thumb 1431590886 artwork

    085: Silas Munro

    I'm ending off June with an absolutely amazing interview with design educator Silas Munro. Over the years, Silas has collaborated with some huge names in the art world, such as MoMA, the Walker art Center, and GOOD. (He even taught one of our previous guests on the show -- Ariana Farquharson!)

    We spoke a lot about design education and pedagogy, touched on diversity in the field of design vis-à-vis competitions like ADC Young Guns, and explored the notion of an African-American/Black design aesthetic. I love his idea that designers can operate along several different modes of creativity, and his work is living proof of that. It's an exciting time to be a designer thanks to people like Silas!

  166. Thumb 1434230216 artwork

    084: Seun Erinle

    Seun Erinle definitely has her hands full. She's 1/2 of the Chattanooga-based design company Grid Principles, she teaches students ages 12-18 about website development through her program A.I.R. Labs, and she's the creator of BlerdNation, a growing social network for the Black nerd community.

    We talked about how she managed to juggle it all, what she's learned since becoming an entrepreneur, and the bustling tech scene across Africa (particularly Nigeria). Seun's upbeat attitude and persistent nature has definitely set her up for success. Learn more about her in this week's interview!

  167. Thumb 1430800202 artwork

    083: Alpha Bah

    I first heard about Alpha Bah from an introduction by Michael Rain. Alpha is the creator of ZNews Africa, an Android app that provides the latest news content from across Africa.

    We spoke about how he got the inspiration to create ZNews Africa, what he's learned from his time at Columbia University, and the importance of creating platforms for Africans to tell their stories. If you want to learn more about what's going on in Africa, check out what Alpha is up to! Thanks for the intro, Michael!

  168. Thumb 1430445924 artwork

    082: Tracey Coleman

    "Anything is possible. It's never too late to change your story because my story keeps changing." When Tracey Coleman told me that before we started recording, I had an idea this would be an amazing conversation.

    We talked about her unconventional path into design from the world of biology, how it's like working in the agency world, the advice that has really stuck with her the longest, and her latest globetrotting adventure. Tracey really has a lot of inspiring things to say, and you can really tell she lives her life and doesn't let life live through her! Enjoy!

  169. Thumb 1429809918 artwork

    081: Damian Madray

    June kicks off with a great interview with Damian Madray. Damian Madray is senior product designer at Neo Interactive, and the founder of Hunie — a community for designers, founders, and developers for design feedback — and TheGlint, a series of salons that facilitate meaningful conversations.

    Our conversation mainly centered around his two creations, but Damian also talked a lot about passion and drive and how those two things motivate his work. One of Damian's big goals is learning how to design culture, so if you're in the Bay Area, there's a good chance you'll hear more about Damian in the future!

  170. Thumb 1429973355 artwork

    080: Frederick Townes

    Even if you haven't heard of Frederick Townes, there's a pretty good chance you've seen his work. Frederick is the founder of W3 Markup, W3 EDGE, the popular WordPress plugin W3 Total Cache, and was the founding CTO for Mashable. Now he's taking the real estate world by storm as the co-founder and CTO of Placester, which just raised $15M in Series B funding!

    We talked about his rise to success and what he's learned over the years, such as the importance of relationships and how culture in an organization is the key to business success. Frederick had a lot of really great information to share, so I hope you enjoy our conversation!

  171. Thumb 1429737957 artwork

    079: Roy Milton 2

    While I was in Austin a few months ago, I had the opportunity to visit Sanders\Wingo and give my presentation "Where Are The Black Designers?". And that's where I met Roy Milton 2! Roy's an art director for the Austin-based firm and has helped shape the look and feel for campaigns for clients like AT&T and Bee Sweet Lemonade.

    We spoke about art direction -- what it is and why it's important -- and also talked about pursuing industry awards, the benefits of diversity in advertising and design, and how his dad was one of his biggest artistic influences. Roy also does a lot in the local Austin creative scene, so I'm really glad to have him on to represent. Thanks Roy!

  172. Thumb 1429659599 artwork

    078: Dave McClinton

    Dave McClinton is a graphic designer and artist who has been in this industry for well over 20 years. Dave is based out of Austin, Texas, and his experience includes brand development, logo design, web design, and print collateral.

    We spoke on the changing landscape of Austin, the importance of removing your ego from your work, and his shift from graphic design to art (and back!). Dave has a ton of experience and imparts some really great wisdom. Thanks so much for speaking with me, Dave!

  173. Thumb 1429655012 artwork

    077: Sterling Smith

    I first met Sterling Smith at a Facebook party at SXSW this year. Sterling is the CEO of Keystoke, a platform that allows for the development and deployment of mobile apps to multiple app stores at once.

    We talked a lot about Keystoke: team building, hiring, funding, and positioning. We also spoke about coding bootcamps, and if they are really sustainable for the tech industry. Sterling is definitely going places, and I bet you'll be hearing and seeing a lot more of him very soon!

  174. Thumb 1429646956 artwork

    076: Marshall Shorts

    When you think about design in Columbus, OH, you think of Marshall Shorts. Aside from being an award-winning entrepreneur, artist, teacher, author, and designer, he is also the co-founder of Creative Control Fest, a conference that brings people of color from across the diaspora to expose, educate, and advocate for the opportunities in the creative industries.

    We talked about how he started his creative consultancy Soulo Theory Creative, how Atlanta influenced the start of Creative Control Fest, the highs and lows of conference planning, and about the tug-of-war between sponsorship and creative control. If you're in the Midwest in September, make sure you drop in and check out what Marshall is doing!

  175. Thumb 1449497383 artwork

    075: Octavia Gilmore

    Seventy-five episodes! I'm so glad to celebrate this milestone occasion with this conversation I had with Octavia Gilmore. Octavia is founder and creative director of Creative Juice, a boutique design agency here in Atlanta, GA.

    Octavia and I talked about how she built Creative Juice from the ground up, gathered her team, and even gave some great advice on what she's learned since starting her business. We also talked a bit about the importance of professional organizations in this age of social media and the Internet. Design entrepreneurs -- you'll definitely want to tune in to this episode!

  176. Thumb 1427523873 artwork

    074: Gabriel Mays

    I'm so glad to share this conversation with Gabriel Mays, founder and CEO of Just Add Content. Gabe previously served as a Captain in the Marine Corps for 8 years before leaving the Corps and becoming an entrepreneur. Quite the feat!

    We talked about his crazy road to success, including what tech entrepreneurs need to know to have a competitive advantage in the market. I have a feeling you'll be hearing a lot more about Gabe and Just Add Content in the future!

  177. Thumb 1449497406 artwork

    073: Rafe Chisolm

    It's amazing how many times I've crossed paths with Rafe Chisolm! We went to the same college, worked at the same place...we even live in the same part of town! And of all places, we first met in Austin, Texas at SXSW Interactive.

    Rafe calls himself a "generalist designer", and his unconventional journey to becoming a designer is really inspiring. We talked about that journey, how he went on several interviews with the intent to fail, and how companies can help to bring in and promote more designers of color. Really good stuff!

  178. Thumb 1425068783 artwork

    072: Monet Spells

    "One thing I want people to know is that there's a space for you in tech." That's just one of many bon mots from my talk with UX designer Monet Spells.

    I talked with her fresh off her first speaking gig at the Pro/Design Conference in New York City. We discussed her presentation, her studies at Georgia Tech, the importance of networking, wearables, world travel, and even tea!

    Big thanks to Adekunle Oduye for the introduction!

  179. Thumb 1424527671 artwork

    071: Anselmo Pelembe

    Anselmo Pelembe's design style is from a myriad of influences -- his colorful seaside hometown of Maputo in Mozambique, the tropical isle of Saint Helena, and a dash of jolly old England in Stamford.

    We talked about his creative journey, the challenges of running his business, and his exhibit of pottery during London Design Festival in 2014. Who says design has limitations? Not Anselmo!

  180. Thumb 1421531928 artwork

    070: Kristy Tillman

    I really had a blast talking with Kristy Tillman, the design director for the Society of Grownups. While she's probably most well-known for The Detroit Water Project, Kristy has also been a designer at big agencies and companies like IDEO, Reebok, and PUMA.

    We started off talking about the rigors of the hiring process when it comes to designers, civic design and what that means to her, and then went straight into dissecting diversity in the design industry (particularly as it relates to the workplace). It's a little more candid than most interviews, but it's 100% real talk. I just wish our conversation would have been longer! Maybe a Part 2 of this interview will come in the future...

  181. Thumb 1423461356 artwork

    069: Ebun Olaloye

    "Live breathe futbol" might sounds like a simple soccer fan's phrase, but graphic designer and creative director Ebun Olaloye has managed to turn this into a lucrative brand.

    We talked about how he created the popular apparel brand, what his plans for the future are with Live Breathe Futbol, and delved into why creativity is a constant journey. Ebun is a great example of someone who not only inspires others, but shows that you can do what you want to do if you set your mind to it.

  182. Thumb 1422461925 artwork

    068: Two Years!

    It's Revision Path's second anniversary! Thanks to your support, I've been able to interview over 100 Black designers and developers from all around the world over these past two years.

    This week's episode is just me talking to you. I answer a few questions that people have sent in, and I talk about the results from our audience survey last year.

    What's in store for Revision Path in the future? Who knows? All I know is that I need the support of the community to make it happen. Let's do it!

  183. Thumb 1422461881 artwork

    067: Ashley Nelson-Hornstein

    I had the great pleasure to talk with Ashley Nelson-Hornstein, a Syracuse University graduate and an iOS developer for Dropbox. She may be fairly new to the company, but she has cut her teeth as an iOS dev at probably the best place anyone can learn it -- Apple.

    We talked about her journey from Apple to Circa to Dropbox, spoke a bit about her accessibility work she's doing (and why it's so important), and talked about her conference talks, such as her talk at Yandex in October 2014. Ashley definitely knows her stuff, and I think she's one to watch out for in Silicon Valley.

  184. Thumb 1422291685 artwork

    066: Xavier Ruffin

    I first heard about Xavier Ruffin back in late 2013 during his fundraising campaign for Mad Black Men, a satirical web series inspired by Mad Men about the 1960's ad industry from the eyes of three Black ad workers. We also featured Xavier on our "12 Designers to Follow on Behance" post last year. So imagine my surprise when Xavier contacted me and wanted to be on the show. How could I say no?

    Xavier's work is so much more than this one campaign though. We talked about his company, his title sequencing work for several popular artists like T.I., Childish Gambino, and Wiz Khalifa, and many more. Xavier also gave some great advice for people out there trying to increase their profile. Thanks again for the conversation, Xavier!

  185. Thumb 1421529048 artwork

    065: Joe Blau

    Joe Blau and his dedication to learning and staying at the top of his game is both inspiring and infectious. His work ranges from mobile apps to front end development to backend systems and security work. Oh, and there's more!

    We talked about the hot topic issue of diversity in Silicon Valley, why Silicon Valley is such an interesting place right now, and he gave some really awesome advice for software developers. Grab a pen and pad, because you'll definitely want to take notes for this episode! Enjoy!

  186. Thumb 1421008123 artwork

    064: Gitamba Saila-Ngita

    I'm starting Black History Month with a really great conversation with Gitamba Saila-Ngita. Gitamba is a multidisciplinary designer and strategist living in New York, and he has collaborated and produced work for brands and agencies such as Carrot, Apple, and Nurun.

    Gitamba is what I'd call a "global designer" (word to Ced Funches) -- multilingual, grew up around the world, and travels frequently. All of these experiences influence his approach to projects and his design sensibilities. We also touched on diversity in the design industry, and we talked shop about MF DOOM. Keep an eye on Gitamba -- he's definitely going places. Enjoy!

  187. Thumb 1421528719 artwork

    063: Arielle Wilkins

    I had such a delightful conversation with this week's guest -- Brooklyn-based graphic designer and artist Arielle Wilkins.

    We spoke about growing up in a creative family, her time at SVA, and the difference in working with a big agency versus a smaller agency. Arielle also talked about her latest project Brothas and Sistas, and how she gained the confidence to keep at it and turn it into something successful! Watch out for Arielle -- I have a feeling you'll be seeing her work in stores soon!

  188. Thumb 1418382296 artwork

    062: Brittany Holloway-Brown

    January continues with an interview with Brooklyn-based graphic designer and illustrator Brittany Holloway-Brown.

    Brittany's vibrant watercolor works have been seen across the web on sites like StyleBlazer, BuzzFeed, and many more. We talked about how the Internet has helped her gain a larger platform, the motivations behind her pieces, and her "Dark Girls" series that explores the representation of dark-skinned women in the beauty industry.

  189. Thumb 1420783974 artwork

    061: Kishau Rogers

    I was really excited to talk with Kishau Rogers, founder and CEO of Websmith Group. She has nearly twenty years of experience in the computer science and IT industry, specializing in web and enterprise data system development. Her company just turned 10 years old, which is quite an accomplishment!

    We talked mostly about her company -- how she started it, built her team, and what's in store in the future. Kishau also shared some killer advice for future developers and entrepreneurs. Definitely a must-listen!

  190. Thumb 1417722819 artwork

    060: Marcus Williamson

    Happy new year! Start off 2015 on a positive note by listening to this conversation with graphic designer and letterist Marcus Williamson.

    Marcus is creating some really amazing work as a freelance designer, as well as through his role as graphic designer for Midtown Fellowship , a family of churches in Columbia, South Carolina. We talked about how he got started with design and lettering, how his faith impacts his work, and some of his design inspirations.

  191. Thumb 1417600239 artwork

    059: Ariana Farquharson

    Can you believe we're at the last interview of the year? I'm ending 2014 with a conversation with Ariana Farquharson.

    Ariana splits her time between freelance design and her new company curativ, a digital media startup that feeds news stories regarding diversity and innovation in creative culture. We talked about her design background, as well as what made her take the plunge into entrepreneurship. Big thanks to Britt Davis for recommending Ariana!

  192. Thumb 1417600182 artwork

    058: Leon Lawrence III

    If you've read USA Weekend magazine in your Sunday paper, there's a pretty good chance you've seen Leon Lawrence III's amazing work. As USA Weekend's design director, he's worked with photographers, copywriters, and other fellow creatives to design the magazine from top to bottom for almost 15 years.

    We talked about Leon's everyday work with the magazine, along with his beginnings as art director of Emerge magazine, his stint as former vice-president of the Organization of Black Designers, and his book "Career Diary of a Publication Design Director". Leon has an incredible back story and loads and loads of knowledge for current and up and coming design students.

    All these gifts just in time for Christmas! Enjoy!

  193. Thumb 1417600133 artwork

    057: James T. Green

    James and I first crossed paths back in August at Weapons of Mass Creation Fest, and I was so glad to talk at length with him!

    A self-proclaimed "designer by trade and artist by practice", James has managed to skillfully balance his digital design work with his artistic practice to create really meaningful work. Along with this, we discussed his work with a few Chicago-area artistic collectives as well as his current t-shirt campaign that helps raise money for organizations supporting the Ferguson community. Powerful stuff!

  194. Thumb 1417076743 artwork

    056: Britt Davis

    If there's a phrase that I would use to describe graphic designer Britt Davis, it would be "hometown hero". You can tell that Britt is all about giving back to the community that helped push her to success. On top of her work at UNC Charlotte, Britt also has her own creative agency and is pursuing her MFA at Savannah College of Art and Design. Whew!

    We talked about her college years at North Carolina State University as well as her philosophy of community service through design. Thanks for a great interview Britt!

  195. Thumb 1416910735 artwork

    055: Allan Cole

    Allan Cole is a true polymath. Whether it's graphic design, web development, or music, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and produces mind-blowing results. You may know him as one of the co-authors of Build Your Own Wicked WordPress Themes, but he's also done websites and designs for big names like Nike, Okayplayer, Kanye West, Jay Electronica, and Janelle Monáe's Wondaland Arts Society!

    (And speaking of music, he's one half of the music duo The Stuyvesants. Highly, highly recommended!)

    We talked about his current path to success through WordPress, creative collaboration, and of course...the music. According to Allan, there are ways to do what you love and make a living, and he's a prime example of that!

  196. Thumb 1414778676 artwork

    054: De Angela Duff

    What a great month of interviews! I'm ending November with the amazing De Angela Duff.

    I heard about De Angela through Rashida White, and her bio truly speaks for itself. She's designed websites for some of the biggest music artists in the 90s, like Alicia Keys, David Bowie, and Britney Spears. De Angela currently serves as the Co-Director of Integrated Digital Media at NYU, working on next-level technologies like augmented reality and brainwaves. Did I mention she's a diehard Prince fan too? Afrofuturistic!

    Press play and learn more about De Angela's inspiring journey and her current work!

  197. Thumb 1414758413 artwork

    053: Ron Bronson

    I'm so excited to bring you this conversation with web strategist Ron Bronson! Ron oversees web strategy for the largest postsecondary institution in Kentucky serving over 90,000 students at sixteen colleges statewide. Ron's also a prolific public speaker, runs his own conference series (Aggregate Web Conference), and has even created his own sport!

    We talked about a little bit of everything: design and content strategy at higher ed institutions, web governance, diversity in speaker panels, networking and mentorship...seriously, you'll have to listen to this one twice to pick up on all the gems Ron dropped!

  198. Thumb 1414663504 artwork

    052: D'Artagnan Winford

    What comes to mind when you think about HBCUs? Chances are, design isn't at the top of the list. D'Artagnan Winford is out to change that. As the current art director at Jackson State University, he brings over a decade of experience to the table designing collateral for universities and colleges.

    D'Artagnan talked about his current path to Jackson State, the need for stronger design programs in HBCUs, diversity in the design community, and more! Thanks for reaching out D'Artagnan!

  199. Thumb 1412387401 artwork

    051: Rashida White

    "Despite your background, if you are a solution-oriented type of person, you will succeed." When Rashida White shared that with me before we started recording, I knew it was going to be a great interview.

    Rashida talked about her residency at General Assembly, her love for user experience (and why it's important), and even talked about DJing and music. Even better -- we talked about vegan ice cream!

    Rashida's enthusiasm about her work is inspiring, so I hope you get a lot out of this interview!

  200. Thumb 1414377149 artwork

    050: Angelica Ross

    This is our 50th podcast interview! And I couldn't be more excited to share with you this conversation with Angelica Ross.

    Angelica is the CEO and executive director of TransTech Social Enterprises, a training academy and apprenticeship program that aims to empower, educate and employ the trans community through the use of technology while promoting innovation, independence and entrepreneurship. She is someone who has made her career out of helping others navigate the challenges that come along with being a member of more than one minority.

    Angelica's path is truly inspiring, and I couldn't be happier to share her story with you. Thank you Angelica, and thanks to you all for 50 episodes of the Revision Path podcast!

  201. Thumb 1412387306 artwork

    049: Rokashi

    This week, my conversation is with indie game maker Rokashi from Toronto.

    We talked about the current game industry and the need for diversity throughout (journalists, makers, characters, etc.) as well as the process behind his own game titled "I'm Fine". I think you'll really empathize with Rokashi's work and his willingness to get involved in gaming vis-à-vis his own personal experiences.

    Who says you need to be a master programmer to create your own games? Not Rokashi! Find out more in this week's interview!

  202. Thumb 1412387346 artwork

    048: Courtney Eimerman-Wallace

    LGBT History Month continues with Courtney Eimerman-Wallace, a UI/UX engineer in Washington, D.C.

    What's most interesting about Courtney is her non-traditional path into technology. But it's clearly worked to her advantage! Aside from her work with BlueLabs, Courtney has also worked as a creative technologist for iStrategyLabs and is currently the City Director for Washington, D.C. for Lesbians Who Tech. Courtney's positive outlook and outlook on life can be attributed to her two B's: be there and be involved. Enjoy the interview, and thanks to Leanne Pittsford at Lesbians Who Tech for the introduction!

  203. Thumb 1411744633 artwork

    047: David Dennis

    October kicks off with David Dennis -- a software engineer in New York City. David has worked for Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, and even in the startup field with AppNexus and Happify.

    We spoke about his path to success, as well as what companies can do to help increase diversity in the technology field. He also shared his insights from attending an Innovation Summit at the White House back in June. We even got to geek out a little bit over Bitcoin!

  204. Thumb 1411583180 artwork

    046: Martin McNeese

    We're ending September with a great conversation with Martin McNeese. With over 15 years experience as a design and technology professional, Martin has in depth working knowledge of corporate branding, graphic design, integrated promotions, website and internet development, strategy and consulting and business management. Simply put, Martin's the man.

    We talked about how he founded his design firm TechnikOne, how networking has been important for his business, and about how his passion for design and improvement helps him to get better every day. Thanks again for reaching out to us Martin!

  205. Thumb 1407807574 artwork

    045: Ced Funches

    This has been a really great month for interviews, and we've got another killer one for you this week with creative director, global designer, and digital strategist Ced Funches.

    Ced's resume reads like a designer's wishlist. He's worked in the NBA, the video game industry, higher education, wrote a children's book, and heads up his own digital agency Flippo+Interactive. Our interview touches on all of this, as well as Ced's thoughts on the design industry and what we can all do to make it better for designers to come.

  206. Thumb 1407702773 artwork

    044: Antionette Carroll

    Antionette Carroll is one of the leading people championing for diversity in the design community. As the chair of AIGA's Diversity and Inclusion Task Force, she's spearheading initiatives with the organization to increase the numbers of women and minorities in the field through outreach, mentorship, and more.

    Our conversation explores why diversity is so important when it comes to design, why inclusion is a crucial part of solving this problem, as well as a bit about her own background and career. You'll definitely hear more about her work in the future!

  207. Thumb 1407702632 artwork

    043: Kimberly Bryant

    Kimberly Bryant is a force of nature. As the founder and executive director of Black Girls Code, she has been a tireless advocate for increasing the number of women in STEM fields through mentorship, workshops, and networking opportunities for young and pre-teen girls of color. The mission: introduce programming and technology to a new generation of coders who will become builders of technological innovation and of their own futures.

    But I wanted to go a bit beneath the surface and learn more about Kimberly Bryant herself. We did talk a lot about diversity in the tech fields and how Black Girls Code also embraces the STEAM movement, but we also talked about her own path to success (and where she wants to go in the future). It's a really great interview with someone who is a real game-changer in this industry. Enjoy!

  208. Thumb 1407702710 artwork

    042: Dr. Christopher Charles Stewart

    This week's conversation is with one of my closest and dearest friends, Dr. Christopher Charles Stewart. Christopher is an assistant professor of computer science at The Ohio State University. He also leads the ReRout Lab, a program that uses computer systems to broaden participation in computer science and build real systems that people use. He's also a recipient of the prestigious NSF Career Award! Way to go, Chris!

    We talked about his research over at OSU with cloud computing systems, "greening as a service", and how to increase diversity in the field of computer science.

  209. Thumb 1407698950 artwork

    041: Kevin Johnson

    Serial entrepreneur Kevin Johnson has several years of experience leading his multimillion-dollar marketing and communications company Johnson Media Inc., and has appeared on ABC's Good Morning America, CBS, CNN, Oprah Radio, and in Forbes, The New York Times, Fast Company, and The Wall Street Journal. On top of all this, Kevin is an accomplished jazz pianist and speaks fluent Spanish. Quite the resume!

    Kevin and I talked about when we first met back in 1999, how he built Johnson Media, and about his new book The Entrepreneur Mind. Can you believe that after fortysomething episodes I'm finally featuring someone from my alma mater?

  210. Thumb 1408335268 artwork

    040: Husani Oakley

    You're in for a really great conversation this week. I talked with the venerable Husani Oakley -- creative technologist, technical director...the titles go on and on. He's worked with some of the biggest agencies in the world like Wieden + Kennedy, Euro RSCG, and EVB, and he's also had his own firm called Oakley + Partners.

    We talked about Husani's start with entrepreneurship, his spark for coding and creating, and what's coming up for him in the future. Husani is a kick-ass force in this industry, and if you don't know his name by now...well now you know.


  211. Thumb 1407535743 artwork

    039: Jacinda Walker

    I'm extremely excited to share this week's interview with you! I had the chance to talk with Jacinda Walker, a design strategist in Columbus, OH. Jacinda is a tireless champion for diversity in all fields of the arts, especially design.

    We spoke about her graduate research on Black and Latino students, her unique take on diversity in the design community, and about our upcoming panel at WMC Fest 5! Jacinda's dedication to lifelong learning is truly inspiring. Grab a cup of coffee, settle in, and enjoy this great conversation!

  212. Thumb 1403370737 artwork

    038: Reggie Weaver

    We're kicking off this month with an interview with Reggie Weaver, a young Ohio-based graphic designer and illustrator. Reggie and I talked about how he got his spark for design and illustration, not to mention what he learned from his first design gig.

    We also spoke about his work with the Diversity Task Force at the Columbus College of Art and Design and how he helps promote creativity, inclusion and diversity within the LGBTQIA community.

  213. Thumb 1403370696 artwork

    037: Jon Daniel

    I'm ending out July with a truly great interview with Jon Daniel, an independent creative director in London.

    Jon is a classically trained designer who has over 25 years of design experience with big brands like IBM, NHS Careers, Philips, and Virgin Direct. He's also a regular columnist for Design Week, a leading UK publication for designers.

    Jon and I talked about how his African-Caribbean heritage influences his work, how design culture in the UK differs from here in the US, and his exhibit Afro Supa Hero.

  214. Thumb 1403370583 artwork

    036: Albert Whitley

    Albert Whitley is a senior art director at SapientNitro and the current vice-president of AIGA Atlanta.

    During our conversation, Albert dropped a lot of pearls of wisdom about the design industry. No doubt that comes from his many years of work under some of the greats like Bill Grant of Grant Design Collaborative and Cynthia Jones of Jones Worley. We even touched on AIGA and diversity in the graphic design industry.

    Hear what Albert has to say in this week's interview!

  215. Thumb jeffrey manu podcast

    035: Jeffrey Manu

    This week I talked with Jeffrey Manu, a tech entrepreneur in Accra, Ghana.

    Jeffrey created one of Africa's first iPhone apps, and is dean of the Goshen Institute and founder of the design firm Lightcreative. Whoa! On top of that, he also taught me how to read a 300-page book in just two hours. Impressive!

    Learn more about Jeffrey in this week's interview!

  216. Thumb abou kone podcast

    034: Abou Kone

    Abou Kone hails from Côte d’Ivoire, and is a self-described "mercenary-in-chief". (No, not the real kind!)

    Abou is a beast when it comes to coding. Front-end development with JS/jQuery is his specialty, and he's recently gotten into developing mobile apps.

    We talked about how Abou first got his spark for the web as a teenager in Dakar, his work with Coders4Africa, and why Africa will not miss the digital revolution. Enjoy!

  217. Thumb 1403370537 artwork
  218. Thumb 1403370493 artwork

    032: Eric Johnson

    HBCU Month continues with an interview with senior UX designer Eric Johnson, who I first heard about from Jole Simmons.

    Eric's worked for some big companies like Walmart, AOL, and Adobe, and he shared how his passion for design started at an early age. He dropped quite a few gems in this interview, so I think this is one you'll definitely want to take notes on while listening!

  219. Thumb 1402622071 artwork

    031: Nicole Norwood

    I've known Nicole Norwood online for a while now, so when I had the idea to do an HBCU month, she was first on my list.

    Nicole is one half of the brother/sister duo known as Infinite Ink, a design and print shop in Jackson, MS, and she's also a popular event photographer. (Chances are you've seen her work from the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival!) On top of that, Nicole is a podcaster as well! I don't know how she finds the time to do it all.

    Learn more about Nicole and her latest project in this week's interview!

  220. Thumb jole simmons podcast

    030: Jole Simmons

    I had such a great time talking with Jole Simmons, a killer presentation designer who has done work for Facebook, Duarte Designs, The Creative Group, the National Association of Black Journalists, and Microsoft. And wouldn't you know it -- Jole and I had this conversation while he was on vacation! Talk about dedication!

    Jole talked about his unconventional journey from a Hampton University grad working in advertising to a mid-career change that where he's now best known as the "presentation guy". We also talked about inspiration, mentoring, and the importance of racial diversity in the design field.

    Also, don't forget to enter to win one of two free tickets to Generate NYC! We're announcing the winners on June 13!

  221. Thumb tory hargro podcast

    029: Tory Hargro

    It's HBCU Month, and we're kicking things off with a great interview with USA Today's visual design manager Tory Hargro. Tory and I talked about user experience and the importance of design in modern news and storytelling.

    According to Tory, "it's easier for me to teach a coder how to be a journalist than teach a journalist how to be a coder."

    So if you have some design or coding knowledge, then you might look at working with the news in a different way!

    Also, learn how the simple turn of a key convinced Tory to attend Alcorn State University. Overall, it was a great interview!

  222. Thumb akilah thompkins robinson podcast

    028: Akilah Thompkins-Robinson

    Akilah Thompkins-Robinson is a web designer and e-commerce coach, and is the owner of AKZMe Designs and Online Boutique Source.

    Akilah shared why she loves working on e-commerce websites, how Pat Flynn helped her think about niche marketing, which platform crafters should use for online sales, and how her sorority helped her get an eye for design (and for business)!

  223. Thumb siedah mitchum podcast

    027: Siedah Mitchum

    This week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Siedah Mitchum, a WordPress web designer, entrepreneur, and the creator of Inspiring Black Designers.

    We chatted about some of her mentors, talked about what inspires her work, how Marie Forleo's B-School helped transform her business, and a whole lot more. Her mission to inspire other designers to have a bigger voice is something we both share, and Siedah makes a big announcement, so you'll definitely have to listen and find out what it is!

  224. Thumb lebogang ditshwene podcast

    026: Lebogang Ditshwene

    Lebogang Ditshwene is the owner of Lephutshe Designs, a graphic design studio in Johannesburg, South Africa.

    We talked about the realities of running a design studio in South Africa, her work with the Young Entrepreneurs Programme, and what she's learned doing design and entrepreneurship work here in the United States and in the Netherlands. Lebogang also gives some great advice for up and coming designers and talks about how the business community in Johannesburg helps her grow her business!

  225. Thumb david yarde podcast

    025: David Yarde

    This week's interview is with David Yarde, a web designer and developer, and co-founder of the creative strategy and branding firm Sevenality.

    We talked a little bit about branding, discussed which brands are getting it right (and which aren't!) and talked about how to succeed being an introverted person of color, and how that can be misconstrued.

    David is a prime example of someone who has used design to change his life, and I think you'll really be inspired by his story and his advice for young designers.

  226. Thumb 024 kevin karanja

    024: Kevin Karanja

    Kevin Karanja has an unbridled passion and enthusiasm for design that is infectious! We first heard about Kevin last year on eNCA when they did a profile about his font Charvet. Since then Kevin, hasn't rested on his laurels. The young self-taught motion graphics designer's work has even made the front page of Behance. I really think you'll be inspired by Kevin's work and his unique approach to his work.

  227. Thumb chris barker podcast

    023: Chris Barker

    You may remember Chris Barker from last week's interview with Brandy Spain. Chris' design work has graced the cover of magazines -- literally! We talked about how he came into design through print work, his plans for creating a platform for Black gay men (print and online) and the importance of representation in the design industry.

  228. Thumb brandy spain podcast

    022: Brandy Spain

    Creative professional Brandy Spain came to us at the referral of next week's interview subject, Chris Barker. Brandy's crisp and clean design style, along with her strong work ethic, even helped pave the way for a new entrepreneurial venture -- presentation design! We even geek out a bit talking about music. Learn more about Brandy in this week's interview!

  229. Thumb adekunle oduye podcast

    021: Adekunle Oduye

    Adekunle Oduye is a young designer in New York City. As the youngest of seven kids, Adekunle wanted to become a painter, and he talks about how he came into design and development, his time studying in Rome, and projects he's created though hackathons. He even gives nods to some of the big names in the industry, and I share a little advice about giving design and tech talks. I hope you'll enjoy this interview!

  230. Thumb jacques dupoux podcast

    020: Jacques Dupoux

    When it comes to design, Jacques Dupoux is big on communicating without pretense. It was really great to talk with him and get his honest, unvarnished take on how he got started in this industry and where he plans to go. We also talked about diversity in the design field and on what it means to have the space to fail.

  231. Thumb michele washington podcast

    019: Michele Washington

    This week's interview is with Michele Washington, a creative director, brand strategist, educator, connector...the adjectives go on and on. Three of the people we've interviewed before (Andrew Bass, Maurice Woods, Steve Jones) have mentioned her and I was so glad to get a chance to talk about her work and decades of experience in the design industry.

  232. Thumb catt small podcast

    018: Catt Small

    Catt Small is her name and there's no shame in her game. I talked with the Bronx-born UX designer/developer about how she got started, the need for greater representation in the tech field, her work with Brooklyn Gamery and The Code Liberation Foundation, and even geeked out over gaming for a bit and talked about fighters and racial and gender representation in gaming.

  233. Thumb alaxic smith podcast

    017: Alaxic Smith

    Who wants to be the next Mark Zuckerberg when you could be the next Alaxic Smith? This 18-year-old wunderkind started coding at the age of 12 and has already founded two social networks and is busy building his third -- Communly -- where he's working with some of the biggest names in music. Alaxic is a rising star that you'll definitely want to watch for in the future. Learn more about his tireless drive and work ethic (as well as some of my tips for SXSW!) in this week's interview.

  234. Thumb alesha randolph podcast

    016: Alesha Randolph

    Alesha Randolph kicks off this month's interviews! This creative professional calls Washington DC home, and we talked about her path to becoming a designer, representation, and giving back to the design community.

    Alesha has well over a decade of experience in the design industry and now that she's out on her own, you'll definitely hear more from her and about her work!

  235. Thumb emory douglas podcast

    015: Emory Douglas

    For the month of January, we have a 3-part “Design Journeys” series — podcast interviews with designers that have been featured on

    Rounding out our series here on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is an interview with Emory Douglas, the former Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party from 1960-1981. I think you’ll really enjoy this talk with an American design legend.

  236. Thumb maurice woods podcast

    014: Maurice Woods

    For the month of January, we have a 3-part “Design Journeys” series — podcast interviews with designers that have been featured on

    This week, we talked with Maurice Woods, former professional basketball player, graphic designer, and executive director of the Inneract Project. His advice for what Black designers can do to help give back to the community rings through very clearly.

  237. Thumb steve jones 300

    013: Steve Jones

    This month kicks off our 3-part “Design Journeys” series — podcast interviews with designers that have been featured on

    First up is Steve Jones, graphic designer and design professor at San Francisco State University. We touched on diversity in the design field, education, typography, and the notion of a Black design aesthetic.

  238. Thumb 300 michael roach

    012: Michael Roach

    Michael Roach is very future-forward when it comes to his work. As we talked, I kept thinking “hey, so-and-so is doing that now…except Michael was doing it years ago”! Aside from being a graphic designer and web designer, Michael is also a jazz pianist, and we talked a bit on how music influences his design work and on the vibrant design scene in upstate New York.

  239. Thumb podcast stephen topsy 300

    011: Stephen Topsy

    I first ran across Stephen Topsy online years ago when he was doing iOS design work. Now he’s a programmer, but still dabbles in design as well. We spoke about how Aaliyah helped him get his spark for design, how motivation came from one of his high school teachers, and touched on LA’s diverse tech and design scene.

  240. Thumb podcast khalil bey 300

    010: Khalil Bey

    Khalil Bey and I met almost ten years ago, and I’ve followed him from his early days at Stanford up to his current post at Google. We talked about his work with the big G, how he first got involved in programming, how his father was a big influence on his current work, and about diversity in Silicon Valley.

  241. Thumb podcast buck 300

    009: Buck!

    When I interview someone, I usually ask them if there's anyone else they know who we should reach out to and feature. Buck! came highly referred by Leon Scott, so I knew I had to contact him. If there's one thing I can say about Buck!, it's that the main has two things: passion and patience.

    The passion is about his work, and he's done design for Heineken, Scion, Timberland, Adidas, and more. The patience is probably from dealing with me since we had to re-record this interview several times because of technical difficulties. (Sorry!)

    Even with all that going on, we had a pretty good chat about motivation, networking, and the creative struggle. I think that's something we can ALL empathize with as creative people. Let me know what you think!

  242. Thumb podcast crystal flemister 300

    008: Crystal Flemister

    I first met Crystal Flemister years ago when we were both designers at AT&T. Since then, she's moved on to CNN and has been making a name for herself in the local fashion scene with her company Pistol Whipped Cream. We talk about her time at the Art Institute of Atlanta, her inspirations, and...Kanye West? Yep, a little bit of everything. Check it out!

  243. Thumb podcast brandon b 300

    007: Brandon Butler

    Brandon Butler was one of the first people to reach out to me about Revision Path through Facebook. We set up the interview and I have to tell you -- it was one of the best interviews I've had to date.

    We talked about his current work with Edelman, and he shared some great advice for up-and-comers in the tech and design industry and told a personal story about motivation that will stick with you well after the interview ends.

  244. Thumb mokokoma mokhonoana podcast

    006: Mokokoma Mokhonoana

    I came across Mokokoma Mokhonoana on Behance while looking up African graphic designers. I really liked his logos — simple, yet bold and uncompromising. But when I visited his website and saw his aphorisms, writings, and cartoons? I knew I had to talk to him. Our interview wasn’t just about design – in fact, we didn’t talk much about design at all! I think you’ll like this departure from the regular shop talk on design and development. I hope you enjoy it!

  245. Thumb 005 daphne larose podcast img

    005: Daphne Larose

    I love Daphne Larose's intro for her website, Black Female Coders. "We're out there. We may not see each other in our computer science courses or in our offices at work or while roaming around technology conferences -- but we know we're out there. Here is where we find each other." Powerful! I had to talk to her about what she's doing with Black Female Coders and get her overall thoughts on blacks in technology. Daphne is definitely making waves in the community and I think you'll be hearing a lot more from her in the future. Hope you enjoy!

  246. Thumb podcast image

    004: Maurice Wingfield

    Aside from being a graphic and web designer, Maurice Wingfield is also a talented illustrator! He contacted me through Facebook and we had a really great conversation on design, diversity in the tech and design fields and conferences, technology in really runs the gamut of topics from A to Z. I also get a bit long winded in parts, which is why this interview is pretty lengthy. But it's really good. Very dense. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and soak it all in!

  247. Thumb irv briscoe

    003: Irv Briscoe

    Irv Briscoe is a fresh young developer out of Minneapolis. I would say he's a fresh "up and coming" developer, but Irv has already done big work for brands like Target, Subaru, and kidrobot! Through his development studio von91, Irv works with other developers, designers, and creatives alike. It's a really good interview that I hope you'll enjoy!

  248. Thumb podcast nathaniel deal

    002: Nathaniel Deal

    This week, I talked with Atlanta front-end engineer Nathaniel Deal! Nathaniel creates responsive experiences for kick-ass clients. We talk about a little bit of everything: design conferences, web education, mobile development, and more.

  249. Thumb 001 raquel rodriguez

    001: Raquel Rodriguez

    Revision Path's first podcast interview is with Pittsburgh letterer and designer Raquel Rodriguez. We had a great dialogue about typography, how her design influences her work as a librarian, freelancing, and a lot more.

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